Texas Tech Moves | Faculty/Staff Fitness Challenge 2017

Final Results!

Qualifying Teams

Final results

Total minutesParticipantsTeams
Raider Rookie357,26333174
Raider Power261,90217939
Raider Warrior117,9334311

Most Creative Name

Winners receive a healthy lunch from Chef Dewey and Mindy Diller, RD

Top 5
Residence Life Cardionators
Scrambled Legs
Victorious Secret
Sweat Is Just Fat Crying
Wishful Shrinking

Wishful Shrinking
Karin Slyker
Glenys Young
Michelle Hougland
Blake Ferguson
Allison Hirth

Great Fitness Reward

There were 53 teams that made their weekly goals 7 of the 8 weeks. Check the list here. They are receiving a FitBIt Charge HR

The winner is:
the Fitness Challenged
Heather Vaughn
Jennifer Chavira
Brittney Moore
Sandra Gallegos

The Grand Fitness Reward

The top team in each division was put in a random draw. They will receive a summer membership to the Rec Center.

Raider Rookie: OGC aka Our Gut Check

Rick Etie
Clarissa Ojeda
Debbie Etie
Candace Norrod

Raider Power: Thighsman Trophy
Sean McCarthy
Nikki Kaplan
Rickie Alvarez
Megan Graham
Jena Broyles
Melaine Mudukuti

Raider Warrior: Matador Muscle
Todd Little
Jianlan Wang
Marcelo Schmidt
Dan Carpenter
Glen Mullins
Jerry Dwyer

The winner is
Raider Power Thighsman Trophy


Please mark your calendar:

We will celebrate our successes on Wednesday, March 29th at 3:30pm in the Red Raider Lounge at the Student Union Building.
Please plan to attend.


The purpose of the Texas Tech Faculty & Staff Fitness Challenge is to support, motivate, inform, and encourage our campus community to be active, eat well, and be fit.

2017 Challenge Dates

Registration Dates: January 17 - 30

Challenge Dates: January 23 - March 26 (Spring Break week is not included)

2017 Kick Off Video

How to Participate and Log Your Minutes

The "week" runs from Monday through Sunday. Minutes must be recorded by the following MONDAY at 10:00PM for reward drawing consideration. Minutes will be recorded daily.  You can wait until the end of the week to record but you will need to record each day. To record your minutes on a daily basis, use our pre-formatted excel spreadsheet throughout the week! If you would like a paper copy to keep track of minutes, click here for the PDF version.

Go to your Account, log in and record the number of minutes of activity for the given week. Click the Activity Button or the Tracker Button to log your minutes. All daily activity tracking is editable (even past days!) until the following Monday at 10:00pm.

There will be surprise bonus points throughout the challenge!

Reward Winners - Team must be eligible by completing total minutes level

Week 1: All Eligible Teams and Winners

Raider Rookie: Data Dancers (Jeanine Reynolds, Lacey Raschke, Mary Elkins, Tess Barlow, Rohan Patil, Pradip Sahu)

Raider Power: very_creative (Barbara Morgan-Fleming, Ian Scott-Fleming)

Raider Warrior: Best of the West (Kyla Shannon, Lauren Matthys, Terri, Greene, Taylor Fortney, Blayne Alaniz, Larry Phillippe)


Week 2: All Eligible Teams and Winners

Raider Rookie: Just Keep Running (Craig Kuehnert, Anne Bavousett, Alyson Cole, Rozalind Alston)

Raider Power: Because of the SNAXX in My Bag (Melanie Lay, Jody Dennis, Alyson Mitchell)

Raider Warrior: The Real Slim Shady (Collin Vorbeck, Zack Hutton, Kyle Jay, Alicia Goodman)

By the numbers—Week 2
Raider Rookie 48721
Raider Power 30098
Raider Warrior 16599
Total minutes 95418
The 2 week total is 213,348 minutes of activity!
72 teams and 366 individuals met their goals


Week 3: All Eligible Teams and Winners

Raider Rookie: UnFatUWeighted (Drew Jahr, Joshua Zarbaug , Mark McVay)

Raider Power: Steamblows (Garry Moore, George Crawford, Jeremy Haggard, Dale Bennett)

Raider Warrior: KALE not YALE FTW! (Ashley McPherson & Michel Castro)

By the numbers, week 3 -
Raider Rookie 53,334
Raider Power 39,659
Raider Warrior 17,842
Total minutes 110,835
81 teams and 372 individuals met their goals.
Total Minutes for the 3 weeks : 324,183

Week 4: All Eligible Teams and Winners

Raider Rookie: The Whistlin ‘ Kiddie Chasers (Lupita Fuentes , Marjie Collins , Jill Aleman , Cindy Bruington , Tronica Owens)

Raider Power: Hub Flub Fighters (Weston Waldo , Azenette Moreno , David Dorsett , Kimberly Gramm , Taysha Williams)

Raider Warrior: Witness The Fitness (Kellee Smith , Josh Deleon , Cathy Clifford , Jennifer Adling)

By the numbers—
Raider Rookie 49,896
Raider Power 31,725
Raider Warrior 17,793
Total minutes 99,414
Total minutes for 4 weeks 423,597
72 teams and 344 individuals met their goals. Now that the weather is warming back up, let’s have a really good week 5.

Week 5:

Raider Rookie: ButtGut Busters (Jodi Coen, Paula Webb, Gail Meurer, Laura Cochran, Jessica Peace, Elizabeth Grisham)

Raider Power: Droppin’ Killo(ugh)s (Logan Winkelman, Jay Killough, Janelle Zamora, Amanda Cantu-Perez)

Raider Warrior: Waist Watchers (Kassandra Cauthorn , Evelyn Armstrong)

By the numbers—
Raider Rookie 29,132
Raider Power 45,656
Raider Warrior 13,806
Total minutes 88,594
Total minutes for 4 weeks 512,191
68 teams and 280 individuals met their goals.

Week 6: All Eligible Teams and Winners

Raider Rookie: Thin It To Win It (Kristin Kincannon , Elvia Cazares, Cindi Drake , Stephanie West , Stephanie Gonzales , Shaunta Wallace)

Raider Power: “OIA” Others in Awe (Chris Lemmons , Emily Saiz , Adrianna Sotelo , Richard Porter , Rachel Massey , Michael Johnson)

Raider Warrior: Matador Muscle (Todd Little , Jianlan Wang , Marcelo Schmidt , Dan Carpenter , Glen Mullins , Jerry Dwye)

By the numbers—
Raider Rookie 43,470
Raider Power 29,442
Raider Warrior 12,569
Total minutes 85,481
Total minutes for 6 weeks 597,672
62 teams and 309 individuals met their goals

Week 8: All Eligible Teams and Winners

Raider Rookie: ITHC (Tim Gary , Robert Ward , Andrew Bevly, Ashley Prothro)

Raider Power: Nuts & Bolts (Philip Alvarez , Danny Chavira , Andrew Jaco , Brian Wagne)

Raider Warrior: Team Die Lard (Laina Lang , Kate Haenchen , Brooke Halbert , Emily Spaulding , Patricia Vitela)

By the numbers—
Raider Rookie 34,502
Raider Power 25,145
Raider Warrior 13,990
Total minutes 73,637
Total minutes for 8 weeks 737,158
51 teams and 247 individuals met their goals

What Activities Can Be Counted?

The purpose of this program is to increase your daily activity level. This should be intentional and outside the scope of your normal activity. Walking to the restroom or to another office should not be counted; walking for 15 minutes of your lunchtime should be counted. Activity should be done at least at a moderate level. A simple way of determining this is the talk test—you should be able to talk in short bouts but not able to carry on a casual conversation or sing. Review this PDF for more explanation.

Make sure to help your team by achieving bonus minutes during these weeks. You will recieve 2 bonues minutes for each day you accomplish these challenges:

  • Week 2 - Eat 3 or more fruits or veggies
  • Week 4 - Drink 48+ ounces of water
  • Week 6 - Sleep 7+ hours a night

Wednesday Workout Classes

Date Location Class
January 25 Red Raider Lounge Zumba
February 1 Lubbock Room Yoga
February 8 Red Raider Lounge Body Weight Resistance Class
February 15 Red Raider Lounge ZUMBA
February 22 Traditions Room Yoga
March 1 Outside activity
March 8 Red Raider Lounge Jazzercise
March 15 No class No class
March 22 Matador Room Zumba

Find Your Support

By joining the TTU Faculty & Staff Fitness Challenge you will have the support and encouragement of your team while you participate in physical activity. Individuals report minutes of activity separately but the team must meet the weekly goal to be eligible for weekly rewards. Teams will compete for rewards and build TTU Community spirit! The most creative name will also win a reward.

Team Goals

To enjoy physical actvity and healthy food choices with co-workers or by yourself.

To record your progress in your minutes log.

To encourage others to lead a balanced life, have fun and "Strive For Honor" in reporting minutes accurately.

Activity Opportunities

Weekly Wednesday Workouts @ the SUB
We will be meeting at the SUB for a quick weekly workout. Have an idea that you would like to see? Email Betty Blanton at betty.blanton@ttu.edu.

Wellness Blood Screenings | TTU Rec Center | Thursday, April 20 | 7:00am
Register for the Wellness Blood Screening by noon on Wednesday, April 19 by calling 806-742-3828. For more information on cost and types of screenings, please click here.

Tech Meditation Society
Tech Meditation Society consists of faculty, staff, and students who are interested in learning about meditation who want a group of like-minded individuals to meditate with. We are not affiliated with any form of religion or specific form of meditation. We explore many different varieties of meditation and encourage practitioners to find a technique that they are most comfortable with. Different practices will support us at different times. We are a free, friendly, drop-in group open to anyone curious about meditation. No experience is necessary and beginners are welcome. We meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 12:30-1:15 in the University Library, Mezzanine Conference Room, M102. Check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/techmeditationsociety.

If you have an activity or event that you would like to post, please email betty.blanton@ttu.edu.

For More Information

If you have any additional questions, please email betty.blanton@ttu.edu.

Motivational Video

Changing Lanes - The Tony Blake Story

Fit Breaks

Week 1

Making Smart Choices with Food

Check out TTU Hospitalities Smart Choices Wellness Videos!

Learn more about healthy eating choices with the Smart Choices Blog!

Physical Activity Tips with Recreational Sports

Week 1 - Goal Setting

Week 2 - Exercise and Technology

Week 4 - Water Intake

Website of the Week

Walking and Running Trails on Campus

Click here for on campus trails.

Public Art Walk Maps

Joke of the Week:

What is small, red and whispers? A hoarse radish!

Which veggie plays sports? Squash!

What do chickens grow on? Eggplants!

What school subject is the fruitiest? History – because it is full of dates!

Rewards Program

Keeping the purpose of the challenge in mind, which is to encourage and motivate our campus community to increase their current level of activity, the Rewards Program is designed to support the purpose.

Weekly Rewards
Each week, rewards will be awarded to one team in each division. All teams who meet the eligibility criteria are eligible to win each week, but teams may only win once.

  • Criteria: Team must have met participation minutes to be entered.
  • Selection: Winning team is selected from a random drawing.

Overall Rewards
At the end of the Challenge, 3 overall rewards will be awarded per the following guidelines:

Best Team Name

  • Reward Criteria: This reward will go to the team with the most creative name so be humorous, be inspired, and be ingenious, while using nonoffensive and appropriate language.
  • Selection: The winning team name will be chosen by a group of campus leaders.
  • Reward: Healthy Lunch & Cooking Demo with Hospitality Service's Executive Chef Dewey McMurray.

Grand Fitness

  • Reward Criteria: To be eligible, a team must have met the weekly minutes challenge 7 of the 8 weeks.
  • Selection: The top team in each division will be entered into a random drawing. The top team will be that team that has the highest average minutes of activity (total team minutes/number of team members).
  • Reward:Fit Bits

Great Fitness

  • Reward Criteria: To be eligible, a team must have met the weekly minutes challenge 7 of the 8 weeks.
  • Selection:All teams meeting the weekly minutes challenge 7 of 8 weeks will be entered into a random drawing.
  • Reward: Summer Rec Center Memberships

Participation Reward

At the end of the challenge, all participants will receive a Certification of Participation.


2016 Results and Fitness Challenge Winners

Great Reward Teams and Winner

Grand Reward Teams and Winner

Best Team Name


For the entire 2016 challenge, there were 99 teams that included 347 participants. 646,339 minutes were recorded. This equals

10772 hours or 448 days or 1.23 years!

Congratulations for a great team effort.

Thanks to:

  • TTU Hospitality Services
  • The United Supermarket Arena and the SUB
  • TTU Human Resources
  • United Health Care
  • Recreational Sports Finance and Administration
  • The TTUHSC Garrison Institute on Aging
  • The President’s Office
  • Barnes and Noble
  • TTU Athletics
  • Health Select Health and Wellness Resource Calendar

    2016 Resource Calendar