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Group Fitness Schedules

Group Fitness classes have been a mainstay of the Rec Sports environment since the beginning of the program.
From spandex and knee high socks to hip hop aerobics and Zumba, Group Fitness has expanded and changed with new fitness ideas and popular classes. Currently, all of our group fitness classes
fall under the RaiderFit name. There are two different types of classes. Free Group Fitness - RaiderFIT and Paid Instructional Classes - RaiderFIT Premium.

Fall 2019 RaiderFit Class Schedule - Session 2

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Fall 2019 Session 2 RaiderFit Free Class Schedule

RaiderFit Free Fitness Class Descriptions

Fall 2019 RaiderFit Premium Paid Fitness Class Schedule - Session 2

Fall 2019 Session 2 RaiderFit Premium Schedule

RaiderFit Premium Class Descriptions

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