Personal Training

Sometimes a little help and motivation goes a long way on the road to overall fitness.


Our Personal Trainers will develop an exercise program specifically for you. Our trainers have the knowledge and skill to work with you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. A trainer acts as an expert guide and consultant, assisting clients to achieve individually selected fitness goals. He or she does this by teaching the client how to perform the exercises correctly and effectively. Personal Trainers design and vary training programs while giving clients the knowledge and tools to eventually develop a personalized program that can be modified and followed throughout life.

Training Offered

  • Overall Fitness Training
  • One on One Yoga/Pilates Training
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Lifestyle Training
  • Area Specific Training
  • Time Limited Training
  • Partner(s) Personal Training

Training Packages

  • There is flexibility to vary your schedule depending on your availibility throughout your training period.
  • Checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Fit/Well Gift Certificates are accepted for payment.

Packages That Must Be Used Within One Semester

1 Session $25
3 Sessions $66
5 Sessions $110
8 Sessions $160
12 Sessions $240
16 Sessions $320

Packages That Can Be Used Over Two Semesters

24 Sessions $456
32 Sessions $608

Sign Up for Personal Training

You will fill out the registration sheet proved on the web or at the Fit/Well office. You can either choose your personal trainer (see Meet the Trainers below) or one will be assigned to you based on your gender preference and/or your availability. You will pay for your sessions the same time you come to the Fit/Well office to sign up for a trainer. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Fit/Well Gift Certificate.

Partner(s) Personal Training

Come train with a friend or two!

Our Partners Personal Training program is designed for you to train with one or two friends [maximum of three people in the session] with one of our professional training staff. Are you and a workout buddy training for the same event? Trying to lose weight together with a spouse? Having a competiton between you and your friend? Partners Personal Training may be for you! Contact the Fitness/Wellness Office for more information, or review the form below.

Partner(s) Personal Training Form

Packages Prices (Per Person)

3 Sessions $54
5 Sessions $90
8 Sessions $133
12 Sessions $199
16 Sessions $266


Personal Standard Fitness Assessment/Advanced Sub-Max Fitness Analyses

Standard Fitness Assessment

Before you start any exercise program, it is important to know your fitness level. Our Personal Fitness Assessment is designed to give you a foundation to track your progress throughout your exercise program. Subsequent assessments will provide milestones to help you evaluate your progress and set goals. Our assessment is normally administered during your initial consultation with your personal trainer, consisting of the following health measurements: height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. This is included in your training package price.

Advanced Sub-Max Fitness Analyses
$45 w/ purchase Training Package or $50 set price

Let exercise physiology help you improve your workouts. This test includes the Standard Fitness Assessment plus a sub-maximal bicycle ergometer test and a sit down with the personal trainer to explain what the results mean. ACSM guidelines will be followed and doctor's approval may be required.

Meet the Trainers

Spencer Spencer - Head Trainer

I am currently working on my bachelor degree as a Strength and Conditioning Coach here at Texas Tech University, and will be continuing on to my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Originally from Weatherford, Texas, I am a certified personal trainer.

My goal with every client is to not only push them physically but challenge them mentally as well. I want to push them over that plateau to be able to overcome adversity not only in the gym, but out in everyday life as well. My ability to overcome adversity in my own life has given me invaluable experience as a coach and a person, helping me connect with clients on a very personal level. I am dedicated to each of my clients, composing and instructing unique workouts and dietary plans to fit their individual needs. With me as their trainer, clients are not getting a "repetition counter". They are receiving a trainer who is completely involved, giving in depth training on all levels, and pushing them to that next level of greatness.

Hi! My name is April! I'm currently a pursuing my B.A. in Dance with a minor in exercise science. I am personal training certified from the American College of Sports Medicine and group fitness certified through AFAA. I also teach group fitness classes like TurboKick and Core. I've been dancing for over fifteen years, and started seriously getting into fitness and weightlifting in high school and into college. I believe that having fun is a huge part of exercising and creating healthy habits. My goal is to help you look forward to working out, creating habits that become intrinsic, and feeling confident in your body.
Craig Craig
I am currently pursuing a degree in Petroleum Engineering here at Texas Tech. I am very passionate about working out and staying healthy. Some of my interests are resistance training, running, MMA, and baseball. When I lived in California I was fortunate enough to train in MMA with Dan Henderson at Team Quest in Temecula, California for 6 months. Before this I was in the Marine Corps and I personnally trained many of my fellowMarines. I have helped many of them reach goals such as weight loss, gaining muscle and improving run times. I believe staying active and exercising not only helps you physically, but mentally as well. I look forward to helping you reach any and all goals you may have!
Derek Derek
I am currently pursuing a degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a Minor in Nutrition. I am originally from El Paso, Texas and have just recently returned to Lubbock after having served four years in the United States Marines Corps. I am an International Sports Science Association (I.S.S.A) certified personal trainer. Growing up playing a wide variety of sports and being a Marine, fitness has always been a huge part of my life. My goal is to share my knowledge of fitness and to help you not only accomplish your fitness goals, but to surpass those goals in pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle. I look forward to getting you started on your path to a new lifestyle and being there every step of the way until your goals are met.
Kayla Kayla
Hi! My name is Kayla! I am currently an undergraduate student here at Tech working towards my Early Childhood degree. I am currently doing my student teaching and throughly enjoying Kindergarten every day! I have been practicing yoga for about five years and have been an instructor here at the Rec for about two years. I whole heartedly love yoga and the physical and mental benefits that come with the practice. I want to help my clients achieve all and any goals they might have when it comes to yoga. Whether it is strengthening certain muscles, gaining flexibility, improving balance, or even meditation. The practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years and I look forward to teaching you the numerous benefits that come along with the practice!
Mason Mason
My name is Mason and I’m a NASM certified personal trainer. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas where I played soccer for 12 years and then went on to discover a deeper passion for fitness. My major is animal science pre-vet with the hopes of eventually becoming a large animal veterinarian. As a personal trainer, my goal is to show my clients that they can live a happy and healthy life without having to be perfect at all times. My philosophy is to lead by example to show everyone that with the right mindset and work ethic, anything is possible. Never be afraid to come talk to me if you see me around, I love meeting new people!
Megan Megan
Hi, I’m Megan! I am happy to join the training team at the rec. I have also been a dance instructor here since 2008. I am excited for the opportunities to help others reach their fitness goals as I have with mine. Living a healthy lifestyle is very important. The right exercise and nutrition can bring forth a new you, someone who looks and feels better from the inside out. I have always surrounded myself with physical activities whether it be sports, adventure, or just a simple swim. Exercise for me has transformed from an idea, to an action, to a habit, to a lifestyle. My goal is to help YOU reach YOUR goals and YOUR potential. Whether you desire to lose weight, build muscle, or just mentally, physically and emotionally feel better, exercise can have a big helping hand in the matter. I want to help you in your mission in the best and safest way possible. I am here to guide and motivate you through the process and am honored to be able to share your achievements to come.
Michael Michael

Hi, my name is Mike and I believe in fitness.  I’m a Texas Tech student and certified personal trainer. I have backgrounds in various sports such as baseball, football, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. My goal is to help you reach your fitness goals; whether it is weight loss, build muscle, or to maintain health and fitness. I am invested in all my clients and thrilled when I see their results and transformations. Helping people live their lives to their full potential is truly rewarding to me.  I have a great passion for health and fitness, and I want to help you not only change your body but change your life

Mimi Mimi
I am an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery/Head of Sports Medicine/prn Team Physician at Texas Tech since 2000. I hold Personal Training and other Group Fitness certifications from ACSM & AFAA. I specialize in female athletic injury prevention and performance-enhancing training programs for various sports. I compete in extreme athletic events, namely the Tri-Fitness Challenge. I also hold National and World records in benchpress through NASA & WTF organizations. I strongly believe in complete wellness and strive to help others reshape their bodies, while changing their lives!
Ricardo Ricardo
Hey, my name is Ricardo and I am a junior majoring in Nutritional Science. I currently have my certification through the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association (NESTA). I trained in mixed martial arts which included Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu. I also ran track and cross country in high school, and still actively compete in long distance races ranging from 5k's to half-marathons. I enjoy motivating people, and pushing them past their limits! I am excited to help any person at any level of fitness to reach any, and all goals they may have!! Succes is the only path we'll take!
Shawnee Shawnee
Hi I am Shawnee! I am a certified Personal Training through The Cooper Institute. I am an Exercise Sports Science major with a minor in Psychology. I love working out and helping others, so personal training really is the best of both worlds for me! As your trainer I will push you physically and mentally towards improvement. My goal is to keep you mentally stimulated and to work your body so you never plateau. Mediocrity is not an option. My job is to help you be the best that you can be! I am dedicated to all of my clients. I will compose an individualized training program based on your goals and preferences. I want you to understand that you have the power to achieve anything!
Stephanie Stephanie
Hi my name is Stephanie and I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and have spent my life being active and having fun doing it! I have experience with running, biking, snowboarding, weight lifting, and various other sports. I am an undergraduate student here a Texas Tech and I am here to help you reach your goals and become the person you want to be. I believe that being active and healthy is an important part of being a happy and successful person. I want to help you identify and achieve your personal goals for fitness. My goal as your trainer is to push and motivate you to achieve your personal best and enjoy the process.
Zach Zach
I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in ESS here at Texas Tech and am a certified personal trainer. I have experience in sports such as football, wrestling, boxing, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. With plenty of close friends who still compete at a high level in all of these sports I am always up to date with the latest information and know how to get the most out of your training. My main goal is to push my clients to levels they themselves didn’t even know they could reach, and to leave them with the knowledge that can not only help them reach their desired physique, but to know how to keep it for years to come.


Personal Training Policies

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