Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness classes have been a mainstay of the Rec Sports environment since the beginning of the program. From spandex and knee high socks to hip hop aerobics and Zumba, Group Fitness has expanded and changed with new fitness ideas and popular classes. Currently, all of our group fitness classes fall under the RaiderX name. There are two different types of classes. RaiderX and Raider X2.

Spring 2017 Session 2 Schedules

FREE - Spring 2017 Raider X Schedule Raider X2 Paid Fitness Class Schedule
Raider X Class Descriptions Raider X2 Class Desciptions
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Raider X2 Paid Fitness Schedule (Jan.30-March 12)

Dance Classes
Class Location Day Time Cost Instructor
Ballet Fundamentals LLMP T 6:00-7:00pm $15 Kalie
Beginner Tribal Belly Dance RM 121 T 6:45-7:45pm $15 Melissa
Intermediate Tribal Belly Dance RM 114 T 8:00-9:00pm $15 Melissa
Intermediate Bachata (partner not required) RM 114 W 7:00-8:00pm $20 Glen and Megan
Intermediate Salsa Dance (partner not required) RM 121 W 8:00-9:00pm $20 Cristian and Megan
Breakdancing LLMP TH 7:00-8:00pm $15 Logan
Small Group Training
Class Location Day Time Cost Instructor
Kettlebell/TRX LLMP M/TH 6:15-7:00pm $20 Ricardo
AcroYoga LLMP T 5:15-5:45pm $15 Rafael and Rumy
TRX/Pilates LLMP W 6:15-7:00pm $15 Lee
Raider Escape Raider Escape Room M 6:00-7:00pm $15 Troy
Raider Escape Raider Escape Room W 6:30-7:30am $15 Trivor
Raider Escape Raider Escape Room TH 12:10-1:00pm $15 Kami
Raider Escape Raider Escape Room Sunday 4:00-5:00pm $15 Tobi
Specialty Classes
Class Location Day Time Cost Instructor
Better Bodies Bootcamp (tshirt included) RM 114 T/TH 6:30-7:30am $35 Alberto
Cross Fit Texas Tech
Morning Crossfit Coach
M 6:15-7:15am Joey & Stephen
M 7:30-8:30am Joey & Stephen
T 6:15-7:15am Stephen & Troy
T 7:30-8:30am Brett & Troy
W 6:15-7:15am Noah
W 7:30-8:30am Noah
TH 6:15-7:15am Noah
TH 7:30-8:30am Noah
F 6:15-7:15am Joey
F 7:30-8:30am Joey
Afternoon Crossfit Coach
M 4:30-5:30pm Moss & Stephen
M 5:30-6:30pm Moss & Brett
T 4:30-5:30pm Becca H. & Shane
T 5:30-6:30pm Becca H. & Shane
W 4:30-5:30pm Moss & Brett
W 5:30-6:30pm Moss & Brett
TH 4:30-5:30pm Becca H. & Shane
TH 5:30-6:30pm Becca H. & Shane
F 4:30-5:30pm Brett & Shane
F 5:30-6:30am Brett & Shane
CrossFit Pink
T 6:30-7:30pm *Women Only Class $25 6-week session
CrossFit Blue
TH 6:30-7:30pm *Men Only Class $25 6-week session

Spring 2017 Raider X Free Schedule

Color keyWater
6:30-7:15amSunrise CycleRaider Ride RoomKandis
12:10-1:00pmTurbokickRoom 114Sarah
12:10-1:00pmHIIT BarreRoom 121Narissa
12:10-12:55pmLunchtime CycleRaider Ride RoomKyndal
4:00-4:45pmBarreRoom 121Leigh
4:00-4:45pmKickbox PilatesRoom 114Bianca
5:00-5:20pmCoreRoom 114Cynthia
5:30-6:30pmZumbaRoom 114Cynthia
5:30-6:30pmBarreRoom 121Darian
5:30-6:15pmPower CycleRaider Ride RoomNicole
6:40-7:00pmCoreRoom 114Cynthia
6:45-7:45pmYogaRoom 121Anthony
6:30-7:15amSunrise CycleRaider Ride Room Lee
12:10-1:00pmStrength and ToneRoom 114 Jocelyn
12:10-1:00pmThe Lazy River WorkoutLeisure Pool Kami
4:00-4:45pmPilatesRoom 121 Lee
4:00-4:45pmRaiderPump Room 114 Danielle H.
5:00-5:20pmCore Room 114 Danielle H.
5:30-6:00pmBooty builder Room 116 Gina
5:30-6:30pmShreddedRoom 114 Kele'
5:30-6:30pmIntegrative Yoga Room 121 Faz
5:30-6:30pmPower CycleRaider Ride Room Leigh
6:40-7:00pmCoreRoom 114 Kele'
6:40-7:00pm Double G Hip Hop Room 114 Gina & Gabby
7:00-8:00pmSwimFit AC TBA
8:00-8:45pmLate Night CycleRaider Ride Room Kyndal
8:00-9:00pmLate Night Yoga Room 121 Maureen
6:30-7:15am Sunrise Cycle Raider Ride Room Johanna
12:10-1:00pm Kickbox, Booty & Core Room 114 Kyndal
12:10-1:00pm Yoga Room 121 Kay
12:10-12:55pm Lunchtime Cycle Raider Ride Room Betty
4:00-4:45pm Pilates Room 121 Natalie
4:00-4:45pm Double T. Conditioning Room 114 Leo
5:00-5:20pm Core Room 114 Leo
5:30-6:30pm Booty Builder Room 116 Kele'
5:30-6:30pm Turbokick Room 114 Emily
5:30-6:30pm Barre Room 121 Leigh
5:30-6:30pm Cardio Water AC Kami
5:30-6:30pm Power Cycle Raider Ride Room Daniel H.
6:05-6:35pm Upperbody Room 116 Kele'
6:40-7:00pm Core Room 114 Emily
6:45-7:45pm Yoga Room 121 Rumy
8:00-8:45pm Cardio Dance Room 114 Vy
6:30-7:15amSunrise CycleRaider Ride Room Leigh
12:10-1:00pm Zumba Room 114 Cynthia
12:10-1:00pm Yoga Room 121 Ping
4:00-4:45pm Pilates Room 121 Zulema
5:00-5:20pm Core Room 114 Jocelyn
5:30-6:00pm Booty Builder Room 116 Gabby
5:30-6:30pm Kickboxing Room 114 Jocelyn
5:30-6:30pm Yoga Room 121 McKenzie
5:30-6:30pm Power Cycle Raider Ride Room Lee
6:40-7:00pm Core Room 114 Emily
6:45-7:45pm Hip Hop Yoga Room 121 Stacie
7:00-8:00pm SwimFit AC TBA
7:15-8:00pm Zumba Room 114 Emily
8:00-8:45pm Late Night Yoga Room 121 Becky
12:10-1:00pm Turbokick Room 114 Summer
12:10-1:00pm Baptise Power Yoga Room 121 Megan
5:30-6:30pm Zumba Room 114 Camila
5:30-6:30pm Yoga Room 121 Rumy
6:40-7:00pm Core Room 114 Camila
11:00-12:00pm Ashtanga Yoga Room 121 Brian
2:00-3:00pm SwimFit AC TBA
4:00-4:45pm Sunday Cycle Room 121 Samantha
5:00-6:00pm Kripalu Yoga Room 121 Brian
5:00-6:00pm RaiderPump Room 114 Danielle H.

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