Frequently Asked Questions

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Click Here for a map of the flag football fields, the IM soccer fields, and the Rec softball fields.

Team sports require a forfeit fee in order to register. Some sports are $50 and some are less. Teams will be credited back their forfeit fee at the end of the semester as long as they have not forfeited.

Classic Sports

Flag Football - $50

Fall Volleyball - $50

Basketball - $50

Spring Softball - $50

7 v 7 Soccer - $50

Modern Sports

Fall Softball - $25

Indoor Soccer - $25

4 v 4 Flag Football - $25

Sand Volleyball - $25

Almost all of our Flash Series Events are free, unless they are played at a local business, i.e. Bowling or Golf. When we do use a local business, our participants get a reduced rate to play.

Forfeit fees are processed by Student Business Services and any refund will be mailed to your official University address or credited to your University account as per Student Business Services policy.

Eligible participants may play on multiple teams in any Intramural Sports Series. Teams may pick up players on the fields or courts to insure that games are played. In the Classic Series and Flash Series, participants may be added to team rosters until a determined date or round in the playoffs. Regular season and playoff schedules will not be amended for players on multiple teams. Players must make a decision on which team to play for if there is a scheduling conflict.

Classic Series sports are team sport activities that have a regular season followed by a single elimination playoff. Generally, these events are officiated by student officials. Seasons followed by championship playoffs is the general format for the Classic Series. Modern Series events offer participants a chance to engage in sports and activities that they enjoy. Sports in the Modern Series offer an extended season for maximum participation. There are generally no playoffs involved. Sports and activities are self-officiated. Events in the Flash Series are generally events that happen quickly and are not a long-term time commitment, hence the “flash” designation. These events are generally one or two day events that may be elimination tournaments or participation blocks. Most of the individual or doubles type events fall into this area. There are also team events run over a short period. When looking at Flash Series events the participant should note the dates for the event. The Flash Series is designed for those students who wish a short term option for play.

You are then considered a Free Agent. The F.A. program consists of registering for an account on, which will allow captains of existing teams to contact you, and add you to their team. You may also join sports as Free Agents. If you choose this option, a representative from the Intramural Office may contact you about joining a team before the season starts.

The Free Agent Meetings will vary upon the sport. Please see the Need a Team? Tab from the Intramural main page for these dates and times.

You need to register your team on After your team has been created you need to invite your players to join. After your roster has reached the required number of players, proceed to the IM office to register your team. You will need to pay the required forfeit fee associated with the sport and pick the available time your team can play.

Attend the Free-Agent meeting or check for available Free Agent players.

For Classic Series sports, each team is scheduled to play 3 regular season games and then all eligible teams will be placed in a single-elimination playoff bracket based on their division and record. For Modern Series sports, teams will be offered an extended season for maximum participation. There are generally no playoffs. Flash Series events are generally one or two-day events that may be elimination tournaments or participation blocks.

A picture ID is required. It’s easiest to bring your Tech ID. We have most of the sporting equipment needed to play each of our games. However, this equipment is checked out and shared by everyone so the condition may not be up to your standards.

The intramural sports program is administered for the Texas Tech community and paid for primarily through student fees. Currently, enrolled students are allowed to play intramural sports. People who used to be students or people who are going to be students are still not enrolled students! Intramural sports is one of the advantages of being an enrolled Texas Tech Red Raider.

Every team is eligible for the playoffs as long as their Sportsmanship Rating is good and they are considered in good standing with the IM department. The playoffs start immediately after the last regular season day is finished. Depending on the day that your teams play that could mean a week after your last game or the next day after your last game. All schedules will be posted on

In order to have teams play different opponents, we have to move teams off of their regularly scheduled time. If you can’t play, you may be able to reschedule. First, you need to contact your opponent (Contact info is on IMleagues) to see if they would be able to move if they say yes then you need to contact the IM office to set up a time that you and your opponent can come by to check on another option. Calling your opponent and changing the game yourself will not be recognized by the IM office as a legal game. If the office can find a space and time available to move the game both teams will sign the sheet authorizing the change. If a change is not possible and the game is at least one business day away, you may “Default” the game, which is a loss without loss of money.

We hire officials for some of our Classic Series sports. Flag Football ($9.50), Softball & Basketball ($9) and Volleyball ($8). A comprehensive training program is conducted prior to the season. Sports knowledge is required, but a prior officiating experience is not. Attending the initial date of the program will give you the rest of the information. Start dates can be found on our website or in the Intramural Sports office (Room 203 in the Rec Center).

Of course, almost all of our officials participate in our program. Letting us know of your availability when you play is all we ask so we do not schedule you at the same time.