2012-2013 Intramural Champions

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Fall Volleyball Champions

Open Champion : Out of Shape and Overweight
Men's Greek Black Champion : Sig Ep A
Men's Greek Red Champion : Theta Xi A
vb mens champ vb corec champ
Co-Rec Champion : Multiple Scoregasms Women's Open Champion : The Six Towers Women's Greek Champion : Chi-O A

Fall Outdoor Soccer Champions

soccer mens champ soccer womens champ soccer corec champ
Open Champions : Ringers Womens Champion: Who Knows Co-Rec Champion: Balls and Dolls
Greek Black Champion : Phi Delta Theta A
Greek Red Champion : Phi Kappa Psi A

Fall Flag Football Champions

Open Champion : Extravagents Residence Hall Champion : Hellsgate Co-Rec Champion : Sexual Chocolate
Greek Black Champion : Fiji A Greek Red Champion : Theta Xi A Women's Greek Champion : Theta
Womens Champion: Sexual Chocolate    

Fall Softball Champions

sb mens champ sb womens champ sb corec champ
Open Champion: Mashed Potatoes! Womens Champion: Theta Co-Rec Champion: Mashed Potatoes!

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