Free Agents

How to Register as a Free Agent on

Fall 2014 Free Agent Meetings

Participants that are interested in playing an Intramural Sport, but do not have a full team can register as a free agent. Make sure you sign up on IMLeagues and attend the Free Agent meeting for your sport!


Meeting Room

Meeting Date

Meeting Time

Flag Football 209 Wednesday, September 3 7:00pm
Softball 209 Wednesday, September 17 7:00pm
Outdoor Soccer 209 Wednesday, October 1 7:00pm
Volleyball 209 Wednesday, October 15 7:00pm

STEP 1: Register your IMLeagues Account

1. Go to and click Create Account. IMLeagues offers a live support button IM Leagues support in the top right corner of all pages.

2. Enter your information, and use your school email ( and submit.

3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.

4. You should be automatically joined to your school – if not you can search schools by clicking the “schools” link

STEP 2: Register as a Free Agent

1. Select the sport that you are interested in signing up to play

2. Select the league that you wish to participate in (i.e. Men's Competitive, Co-Rec, etc.)

3. Click the Free Agent link

4. Select the leagues and times that you are available to play

5. Your information will populate in each selected league for captains to contact you

Come out to the fields during Intramural Sports contests

Many teams are looking for players at the last minute.  Sometimes, the easiest way to get picked up is to be ready to go when games are happening!