Fall 2015 Officials

Do you enjoy intramural sports? Want to give back to the intramural program? Become an intramural official. We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic men and women to officiate team sports. The best part is the hours are flexible and the job starts early in the semester. No prior experience as an official is needed, but basic knowledge of the sport is required. Each sport has a comprehensive officials training program before the season. Detailed information can be obtained from the intramural sports office (SRC Room 203) or by calling (806) 742-2945.

There are more than 200 of your fellow students who will throw flags, blow whistles and call balls and strikes. We schedule to your availability and supply all the training necessary. Join in, meet some people interested in sports and get a great part-time job!


So How Do I Get Started?

Decide which sport(s) you want to work and attend one of the MANDATORY meetings listed below. Each sport has two meeting dates, you may come to either one to be eligible to be an Official. If you can't make either meeting you need to contact the Intramurals Office at (806) 742-2945, or come by the Intramural Office, Rm. 203.



Officials Meeting Dates

Wage per game

Meeting Times

Flag Football 201 September 1st or 2nd $9.50 5:30pm
Volleyball 201 September 22nd or 23rd $8.00 5:30pm