Rec Center Memberships

Membership Quick Hits

For detailed membership information, you can always call our Main Office at 806-742-3351.

Our Main Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm and Wednesdays until 6:00pm. The Main Office is located on the second floor of the Texas Tech Student Rec Center, room 202.

Annual Membership Rates for 2016-17

Annual memberships run from August 15, 2016 to August, 2017. New annual memberships may be purchased starting on August 15, 2016 in the main office of the Rec Center, room 202.

Prorated Rates as of January 2, 2017  
Faculty/Staff Rates  
Faculty/Staff $145.00
Fac/Staff Spouse $145.00
Faculty/Staff Children (Ages 4-16) $90.00
Faculty/Staff Children (Ages 17 - 24) $145.00
Faculty/Staff Children (Ages 25+) Treated as an Adjunct Membership - Semester Membership Only
Fac/Staff Adjunct Semester Memberships Only
Starting Payroll Deduction is simple! Just follow these instructions!
1) Come up to the Main Office, room 202 to start your membership!
2) Fill out payroll deduction paperwork while we get you registered for your membership
3) Pay the down payment of $20 for a Faculty/Staff membership, $20 for Faculty/Staff Spouse membership and $10 for each Faculty/Staff Child membership to get the payroll deduction started (Your payroll deduction will not start until the second paycheck after you sign up)
4) Enjoy the Rec!
SASU Rates = State, Texas Tech University System Alumni, Local School District Employees, UMC
Alumni must show proof as TTU graduate or show Alumni Association car
State, School Districts and UMC employees must provide a paystub for proof of employment
State, Alumni, School Districts & UMC $180.00
State, Alumni, School Districts & UMC Spouse $180.00
State, Alumni, School Districts & UMC Child (ages 4 - 16) $90.00
State, Alumni, School Districts & UMC Child (Ages 17 - 24) $180.00
State, Alumni, School Districts & UMC Child (Ages 25+) Treated as an Adjunct Membership - Semester Membership Only
State, Alumni, School Districts & UMC Adjunct Semester Memberships Only
Semester Rates  
All Adjuncts $120.00
Student Spouse $50.00
Student Child $35.00
Daily Guest Fees (Start on August 26, 2013)  
Adult Fee (Ages 17+) $10.00
Child Fee (Ages 4 - 16) $5.00
Self-Sponsor Pass $10.00

2016 Membership Contest Rules and Regulations

1) Must be a Texas Tech University or Texas Tech University Health Science Center Faculty or Staff.

2) Annual membership must be purchased between August 15 and September 9. The winner will be randomly selected and notified during the week of September 12 - 16, 2016.

3) Only the main faculty/staff annual membership is eligible to win. Other memebrship types associated with the main membership including, but not limited to, spouse, child or adjunct memberships are not eligible for the contest.

4) Rec Sports will work with the winning entry to refund the $265 value of the membership in the best manner for Rec Sports and the participant.

5) Annual membership value will be included in employee’s taxable gross wages, which is covered by Recreational Sports.

Types of Memberships

Undergraduate and graduate students taking one (1) or more academic hours on the Lubbock campus will pay the Rec Sports semester fee. Some students will have a fee waiver in place and must purchase a membership in person at the Rec Sports Office or have Student Business Services activate the Rec Sports fee on their student accounts.

Graduate Teaching Assistants & Research Assistants
Graduate TA and RA students who have waived their fees must purchase a membership in the Rec Sports Office. All students must present their Texas Tech ID to be admitted to Rec facilities.

Texas Tech University and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Faculty/Staff
TTU and TTUHSC faculty and staff are eligible to purchase a Recreational Sports membership by stopping by the Main Office of the Rec Center, room 202 and presenting their vaild TTU or TTUHSC ID card. TTU and TTUHSC faculty and staff can also self sponsor membership for a single day by presenting your ID at our ID stations and paying the $10 faculty/staff one day pass fee.

Spouse memberships are available for students and faculty/staff members. Proof of marriage might be required.

Children 16 and under
Children of student, faculty/staff, alumni, state, LISD and UMC Rec Sports members are also allowed to have membership to all Rec Sports Facilities.

Restrictions do apply. For restrictions, please refer to our membership policies here.

Adjunct Membership
Allows any eligible person who purchases a membership to buy one additional membership at the adjuct rate. All Adjunct memberships are for the current semester. No annual memberships are available for adjunct members.

All memberships may be purchased in the Rec Sports Office Room 202 SRC during office hours.

Membership Policies

Please Click Here for the Membership Policies