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Bike Tech

What is Bike Tech?

The Student Government Association and Texas Tech Outdoor Pursuits Center are collaborating to make Tech a more bike-friendly campus. This is accomplished by providing free bike rentals, patch kits, and bike information.

Where is Bike Tech?

Bike Tech is located at the OPC which is at the North entrance to the Student Rec, on Main Street. Take a left before you get inside the Rec and you'll see us. Bike Tech is open during normal OPC hours. Or give us a call (806) 742-2949.

Use of our Bike Repair Station

Know how to make repairs but need the tools? Stop by anytime the OPC is open to use our bike repair station. We offer the following repair items for purchase:

  • Cable - $1.25
  • Housing - $1.00/Foot
  • Tube - $5.00
  • Tube Installation - $10.00

Need help with your repair? Click Here for more information on our full-service bike shop.

Free Tube Sealant and Patch Kits

Bike Tech provides free tube sealant and patch kits for students which will help protect your tubes from the West Texas thorns.

Free Air Stations

Tech has installed two free air stations to assist you with your flat tires. You can find one located at the north entrance of the SRC, on the east side of Chitwood/Weymouth, in front for Horn/Knapp and front of the SUB.

How to Register Your Bike

Registering your bike is as easy as going to the Texas Tech Parking Services website. When you place the registration sticker on your bicycle it tells a potential thief that the Texas Tech Police has all of the information about the bike on file. This may also assist in its recovery if stolen. They also recommend engraving your driver's license number into your bike to help locate should it be lost.

Texas Tech Parking Services
Click on My Account

On the left side menu, click on Register My Bike and follow their instructions to register your bicycle.

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