Frequently Asked Questions

This is your one stop shop for all of our freqently asked questions about rentals, trips, the climbing wall, Red Raider Adventures and weekly activities.

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Climbing Wall

Can I bring a friend who has not been certified at the Tech Climbing Center?
Yes, if a student/patron is a member of Rec Sports but not Skill Verified, they can climb with someone who is certified, for no charge except for equipment rental. An Acknowledgment of Risk form must be filled out, and the non-skills verified individual will not be able to belay.

Can I use the wall even though I don't currently have a membership to the Recreation Center?
Yes, non-members must have a sponsor to enter the building and pay a $10 guest fee.

How tall is the Climbing wall?
The climbing wall is 53” tall.

Is there a waiver for the Climbing Center?
Yes, there is a waiver. You can download it here: waiver or fill it out at the Climbing Center. If under the age of 18 the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian before the child is allowed to climb.

How can I bring kids up to use the wall?
There are a number of possibilities:

  • The first thing to consider is the ages of the children: Children below the age of 18 need to have a parent/guardian sign the risk waiver form. It is preferable that both parents/guardians sign the waiver.
  • Parents are expected to belay and directly supervise their children at all times.
  • Children younger than 17, must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The parent/guardian must be a Rec Sports member or follow the Non-member procedures noted above.
  • Children younger than 13 will be designated as "Climber Only" and must be accompanied by a belay certified parent/guardian.


Who is eligible to rent equipment?
Anyone with a valid Texas Tech ID is eligible to rent equipment from the OPC. Not for Profit community groups and organizations can also rent equipment, contact the OPC for more details.

Can I make a reservation?
A reservation is the only way to assure we will have the equipment you need. You can reserve equipment the week prior to your pick-up. You must reserve equipment at the OPC Rental Shop by filling out the necessary paperwork and paying for the rental in full. The OPC accepts cash, check and credit cards.

Is there a refund policy if I cancel my reservation?
Reservations canceled two days in advance of the pick-up date receive full refunds. For an example: a rental with a pick-up date of Friday must by canceled no later than Wednesday to receive a refund. All cancellations made after Wednesday forfeit their rental fee.

What happens if I return the equipment late or broken?
Individuals not returning equipment on time or in a damaged condition will be assessed an appropriate fine or charged for the item's replacement. Late fees are twice the daily rate. Fees for equipment repair, replacement, non-service, and depreciation will be charged for any equipment that is lost, stolen, dirty, or damaged. Warranties supplied by equipment manufacturers do not exempt the user from fines associated with damaging university property.

Do I have to set-up the tent when it is returned?
Yes, this assures that all the pieces of the tent are present and there is no damage.

Do stoves and lanterns come with fuel?
Yes, the stoves and lanterns all come full of fuel. You will receive one canister per stove and lantern. This usually enough for a typical weekend trip. If you are renting the equipment for a longer time or plan to do more cooking than normal you can purchase more fuel at the time of rental.

How long is a weekend rental?
A typical weekend rental means picking up your reserved gear on Friday during normal business hours and returning it on Monday.

Can I charge my rentals to my tuition? Do you take Raider Express?
No, the OPC only accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.

Do I get a discounted rate for being a student?
Our prices already represent the discounted rate for students.

Outdoor Trips

Who is eligible to participate in OPC Outdoor Trips?
Anyone will a valid Texas Tech ID and their spouses are eligible to participate in our trips. Registration will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Sign up quickly because space on each trip is limited.

Who is leading these trips?
All of the Outdoor Pursuits Center trips are peer-led trips. Each trip leader is a certified Wilderness First Responder, has successfully completed our Leadership Candidate Training course, and has participated in our extensive trip program training.

How do I register and pay for my trip?
Registration must be done in person at the Outdoor Pursuits Center. When you sign up you will be required to pay the full amount of the trip to reserve your space on the trip.

Why is there a Pre-Trip meeting?
Each trip has a Mandatory Pre-Trip meeting so that the leaders and other members of the trip can meet each other and talk about the trip. The trip leaders will go over the itinerary, what you will need to bring on the trip, and the expectations of the trip. Some trips require more than one Pre-Trip meeting. This is so that you can learn some necessary skills associated with the trip activity.

I want to go on a Trip but I cannot attend the Pre-Trip Meeting?
Each Pre-Trip meeting is mandatory however if you are unable to attend the pre-trip meeting due to classes or work, then an alternative time can be set with your trip leader. Ask for more information when you sign up for your trip.

What kind of shape do I need to be in?
Each trip will have challenges that are unique to each activity and location. Individuals should read the trip descriptions and consider if the trip is appropriate for them. Every trip has the expected Physical/Mental Challenges listed under the ‘Trip Specifics’ heading on each trip page. Each trip also has the Exertion level required for each trip. The definitions of the exertion levels are as followed:

  • Easy: These trips are designed to be straightforward and low duration of physical exertion. For example, hiking on low angled trails, paddling a canoe on flat water, or spending the afternoon playing kickball.
  • Moderate: These trips are physically challenging but within the limits of an average student that considers him/herself fairly active. Moderate may be understood as walking to and from class each day or playing a round of golf with brief periods of jogging.
  • Strenuous: These trips are physically and mentally demanding. Each activity requires a large amount of energy and stamina each day. Many times the mental challenges will exceed the physical challenges of the trip but a positive mental attitude and general physical fitness will make the trips enjoyable.

What do I need to bring?
We understand you may not have the correct outdoor equipment, so we provide nearly everything you need for the trip. You will be responsible for bringing all the items under the ‘What you will need’ heading on each trip page.

What if I have never been camping before?
No experience is necessary to enjoy the majority of our trips. If you have an interest in learning more about the outdoors, we will take the time to teach you. Our goal at the OPC is to provide the Texas Tech Community with the resources and knowledge for the enjoyment of outdoor recreation regardless of experience.

I am interested in going on a trip but I can’t find a trip that fits my schedule. What are there other opportunities available?
The Outdoor Pursuits Center offers numerous trips, free weekly activities, workshops, and classes throughout each semester. Our trip schedules change each semester so please check our website for new opportunities.

What if I have more questions?
We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at 806.742.2949 or by email at