Outdoor Pursuits Trips

The OPC Trips Program offers many exciting trips and challenges. These trips are designed for a personal challenge, education and most of all – FUN. Our goal is to provide you with a great adventure experience. You can register by visiting the Outdoor Pursuits Center, located just outside the North entrance of the Student Rec Center. Call (806) 742-2949 or email opc@ttu.edu for more info. For a list of frequently asked questions, please click here.

Spring 2014 Trips

Welcome to the Outdoor Pursuits Center’s Trip Information page!  Check below for information about the trip you are interested in, and be sure to click the links or stop by the OPC in the TTU Rec Center for more information!

Most of our trips are available to participants of a wide variety of skill levels, and your experience will be tailored to what the group can successfully accomplish in the timeframe allotted.  Many trips leave Friday afternoon, and return Sunday evening, but the OPC also offers single day trips and longer events during school breaks.

Early Registration can save you a bit off the trip price, but if you miss it, don’t be afraid to stop by the OPC to see if space is still available for your preferred adventure!

February Early Registration Deadlines

Ice Climbing
Trip Date: February 20 - 23
Early Registration Deadline: February 5
Ice climbing may sound exciting or it may sound scary. However, there’s really no way to know unless you try it, and this trip is designed to let you experience ice climbing at your own pace. The first day you learn how to walk around wearing crampons, how to swing ice tools, and then practice ice climbing technique beginning on low angle ice slowly progressing to near vertical. Day two, we typically change locations and offer a mixture of beginner level to more difficult climbs. Each day instruction will be given on ice climbing technique helping you become more efficient and confident in your ability.

Buck Creek Mountain Biking
Trip Date: March 1
Early Registration Deadline: Febraury 19
A trip to an exciting mountain bike venue right here in West Texas.  The Buck Creek area houses a 13 mile loop of single track that provides opportunities to challenge both the novice and the experience mountain biker.  Whether you’re just getting into Mountain Biking, or want to try out a new location, this ten person trip is sure to be an exciting experience and an awesome ride.

Palo Duro Day Hike
Trip Date : March 2
Early Registration Deadline : February 19
A day of trail exploration, sure to garner sites of native wildlife and unique geography. Expect to spend about four hours on trail capped by a visit to the Lighthouse Stone Column.

Wilderness First Responder
Trip Date: March 14 - 23
Early Registration Deadline: February 26
Learn the basics of diagnosis and care in the backcountry from the specialists at the Wilderness Medicine Training Center.

Moab Mountain Biking
Trip Date: March 15 - 20
Early Registration Deadline: February 26
A trip to the Moab Mountain Range in Utah that will provide a combination of mountain biking and rock climbing for the adventurous outdoorsman. We will use the spring break week to challenge trails and cliffs, refine our biking and climbing skills, and practice environmental preservation techniques while enjoying the full splendor of a true American outdoorsman destination.

March Early Registration Deadlines

Intro to Whitewater Kayaking
Trip Dates : April 4 - 6
Early Registration Deadline : March 19
A three-day kayaking trip through the Texas Hill Country, designed to introduce basic kayaking skills and practice kayak fundamentals.  Ten or more kayakers will learn skills including how to control a kayak in the open water, how to roll a kayak, and some basic river running techniques.  Be sure to visit our free Open Pool Kayaking sessions for a kayak test-drive to see if you’d be interested in this unique experience!  This trip (or another “Intro to Whitewater” trip) is required for the Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking trip that happens in the Spring.

New Mexico Rock Climbing
Trip Date: April 4 - 6
Early Registration Deadline: March 19
A trip for climbers of all intensities and skill levels, set at a remote and beautiful canyon in southwest New Mexico that provides many diverse climbing opportunities.  All ten participants on this trip will have the opportunities to learn belay skills, practice and refine different climbing techniques, and enjoy the view of a beautiful desert environment.

April Early Registration Deadlines

Caprock Day Hike
Trip Date : April 12
Early Registration Deadline : April 2
Experience the historical side of the West Texas high plains on this single-day trip through the home of the Texas state bison herd.  A wonderful chance to see some flora and fauna, including the majestic Golden Eagle!  The trip will include about four hours of hiking with about fifteen companions, including a nice break for lunch at a scenic viewpoint.

Blanca Peak - Introduction to Mountaineering
Trip Dates: April 17 - 21
Blanca Peak in Colorado stands more than 14,000 ft tall. This trip is very strenuous but greatly rewarding. You will hike to our base camp, and then go through an introductory snow school course where you will learn technical mountaineering skills. These skills include, how to use an ice axe, crampons, self-belay, self-arrest, and how to set up rope teams. We will then have a chance to summit Blanca Peak depending on the weather that day.

Santa Elena Canoe
Trip Date: April 18-21
Early Registration Deadline: April 2
Join us in Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park. Enjoy the beautiful West Texas scenery on this raft supported canoe trip. All canoeing experience levels are welcome.. This trip requires no previous experience.

Guadelupe Canyoneering
Trip Dates : April 24 - 27
Early Registration Deadline: April 9
A challenging trip through the rugged Guadalupe Mountains. You will descend over 2500 feet into a canyon system, while learning and practicing advanced outdoor skills like rappelling, scrambling, and tyrolean traverse. Guadalupe canyoneering is a dynamic event for the confident adventurer, sure to create a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience. Expect three long days of hard hiking; twelve hours on Saturday and at least six hours on Sunday.

Palo Duro Mountain Biking
Trip Date: April 26
Early Registration Deadline: April 16
A very flexible single-day trip for bikers of all skill levels.  See the secret scenic side of the South Plains on some thrilling bike trails through canyon country.  Palo Duro showcases some of the best mountain biking in the state, so expect a fun-filled day with about 10 fellow mountain biking beginners and enthusiasts!

Intermediate Kayaking
Trip Date: May 2 - 4
Early Registration Deadline: April 16
This intermediate trip will take you to the next level of whitewater kayaking! Sign up at the Outdoor Pursuits Center!