2013 Dash and Splash - Cancelled

Iron Man 12

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The Dash and Splash has been cancelled for Saturday, April 20.


1) East on 18th across Flint, continue around the band parking lot, turn left (west) at the SUB and continue on 15th. Please be careful as there will be traffic around the SUB and on 15th Street and you will be running the stop sign on 15th.  Come back to Flint and ease yourself across Flint to the jogging track going north.  Follow the jogging path paralleling Main Street.
2) If you are a team and splitting the run, the team tag area is the water table just past the emergency exit to the Rec Center.  You must actually tag your partner.
3) Continue west to Indiana on the sidewalk, turn left, (south) on Indiana and left (east) on 18th Street.  Stay on the sidewalk.
4) There will only be a corner marshal, not police at 18th and Flint so please be careful the 2nd lap.  Repeat the first lap but turn into the emergency exit at the Rec Center.
5) Run down the emergency exit to the transition area.
6) You must enter the transition from the south end and you must put your clothes in some semblance of a neat pile in your square before exiting the transition.

1) Run to the lap lanes.  You must enter the pool from the ladder or on the east end of the pool—feet first--NO DIVING—Remember the pool is only three feet six inches deep.
2) Swim each lane and flip under the lap lanes.  Exit the big pool at the southeast corner via the ladder and enter the small lap pool feet first—NO DIVING
3) Swim 3 ½ lanes in the small pool and enter the lazy river swimming clockwise.
4) Exit the lazy river at the steps at the south end of the river.  The finish is out of the water--You must run across the finish line.

1) Run on the carpet under the finish banner.  Please stay in the chute in the correct order until we get your number.
2) There is food for participants back inside the pool by Sam’s Place poolside.
3) Awards will be shortly after the last finisher.

1) There are bathrooms inside the Leisure Pool on the west side.  There are also bathrooms on the outside of the leisure pool near the transition area.  Please look for the Restroom Signs.
2) Please use the far north exit to the Leisure Pool to get to the transition area and stay west cones marking the finish area.

1) Awards will be giving out approximately 15 minutes after the last person comes across the finish line.
2) Awards given out by Hot Tub.


Link to map HERE.