The Texas Tech Paintball Club offers entertainment, recreation, and competitive opportunities to all Texas Tech University students with a passion for paintball.  The Club is dedicated to bringing this modern, exciting, fast-paced sport to as many students as possible, as well as tournament and match prospects to those members so inclined.

Paintball is played as a 5-on-5 team sport, and we believe in developing the teamwork and friendship of our group as well as our individual paintball skills.  There are no membership requirements other than enrollment at Texas Tech and an interest in the sport, and we are happy to share our skills and knowledge with you.  Our club participants range from seasoned pro-level veterans to rank novices, and we’re always looking to add more members.  As long as you are interested in having fun and playing paintball, come check us out at Challenge Park Paintball Field, on East 50th and the Loop, Sundays at noon.

Paintball is a rapidly growing sport at the collegiate level, and Fox Sports Network has started to carry the national championship games on air.  The Texas Tech Paintball Club is excited to be a member of this developing sport, and doesn’t want you to miss out on the adrenaline-filled opportunities available.  Contact us today!


Recreational or Competitive Both
Dues $10/month
Practice Venue Relentless Paintball
(84th and Ave. P)
Practice Times Sunday @ 10:30am
Contact Person Phillip Goodgion
Phone #