Ski & Snowboarding

The Tech Ski and Snowboard Association, founded in August 2008, was created to give Tech students a chance to enjoy winter sports and the outdoors.  We host one major ski and snowboard trip per semester, as well as various weekend trips.  Our members, who range from advanced skiers and snowboarders to first timers, have already enjoyed taking trips to places like Telluride, Colorado, Winter Park, Colorado, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The major trips take place either during Christmas Break or Spring Break, and the smaller ones are planned around the schedule of our members.

We will compete in the USCSA, a collegiate league in Colorado, in the spring semester of 2011.  Until then, we are focusing on coordinating additional trips to places like New Mexico or Colorado to give Tech students a chance to enjoy winter recreational activities.  During the off season we organize camping trips, RaiderGate activities, and various other outings to give members a chance to get to know each other and enjoy the outdoors. You can contact us through our Facebook page, Tech Ski & Board, or Gmail account,


Recreational or Competitive Recreational
Dues $50/semester
Contact Person Wes Ford