Texas Tech University

Sport Clubs

How to Start a Sport Club

Sport clubs are recognized as student organizations through the Student Union Office (SUB) and must have their approval prior to being a sport club under Recreational Sports. If you have questions or would like information regarding starting a sport club or student organization, please contact the Center for Campus Life on the second floor of the SUB.

The Process - Starting a New Club

Individuals wishing to form a Sport Club at Texas Tech University should take the following steps:

  • Complete the procedures required by the Center for Campus Life to become a recognized student organization. (Contact Center for Campus Life Office for those procedures. The office is located in the SUB ∞ You must be a student organization for at least one year before applying to join the Sport Club Program.)
  • Meet with the Director of Sport Clubs to explore the possibilities, benefits, and requirements for becoming a Sport Club.
  • Submit a Letter of Intent to the Director of Sport Clubs that outlines why your club is interested in becoming affiliated with the Department of Recreational Sports and the benefits of potential partnership for both parties.

Criteria for Acceptance as a Sport Club:

  • The club's purpose and activity must be appropriate and consistent with the purpose and philosophy of the Department of Recreational Sports.
  • Sufficient student interest must be shown by an active membership that is in accordance with the rules & regulations set forth by the Student Union Office.
  • Suitable facilities must be available for practice and competition.
  • The club must have all required officer positions filled (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Safety Officer). For further explanation, see Officer Handbook Page.
  • Show organization is active in Community Service throughout the Lubbock and Texas Tech community.
  • The club must be financially self-reliant and continue to operate this way for one academic year.
  • Other programs offered elsewhere on campus must not currently meet the students' interest and needs.
  • Others as deemed necessary by the program administration.

After review, the professional staff and Executive Council will notify each club of its status with the intent to affiliate. For further information on the process of becoming a Sport Club, please see the Officer Handbook web page.If any sport club begins to show a steady decrease in participation, student leadership, or general interest, the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs will investigate the decline to ascertain the possible causes and whether the problem is a temporary condition. If it is determined that a club is no longer meeting the needs of a reasonable number of students and no longer meets the criteria for acceptance as a sport club, termination of status may be appropriate. Once terminated, a club must re-enter the program by following the procedures for a newly formed club.