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Welcome to Lubbock and Texas Tech University! The information below is a guide to help make your stay in Lubbock easier and more enjoyable.

Visiting teams may use our Facilities, but only under certain conditions. All players may use the showers/ locker rooms, and towels are available upon request. We will not provide individuals any personal toiletries as it's expected for you to bring those with you.

  1. Alcohol and/or drugs are not permitted on the fields, or inside the Rec Center. We kindly ask that you pass this information along to your team, families, and friends prior to arrival.
  2. Athletic Trainers are available for the home events listed below. Arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to each game for any services the Athletic Trainer may provide:

    Women's Lacrosse
    Men's Rugby
    Women's Rugby
    Men's Soccer
    Women's Soccer

Map of the TTU Student Recreation Center

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Map of the TTU West Rec Fields

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