Verify Your Major

At Red Raider Orientation, you will meet with an academic advisor from the college that you were admitted into. If you are considering changing your major, it is recommended you do so before attending RRO to ensure that you get the most out of your advising and class registration sessions.

  1. Your current major and academic college are listed on the top right corner of the Admitted Student Dashboard and inside the RRO Registration System. Please verify that this is the major you wish to pursue.
  2. Please remember that all majors in business, architecture, engineering, community, family & addiction services, human development & family studies, mass communication, and interior design require that you meet assured admission requirements to declare those majors during your first semester at Texas Tech.
  3. Before you request to change your major, read the following answers to some frequently asked questions.

Please note: It may take up to 48 hours for any major change requests to appear in the RRO registration system.

Major Change FAQ

Why is my major listed as Pre-engineering?

Students who do not meet the assured admission requirements but are still admitted to Texas Tech University are initially admitted to the Pre-Engineering Program.

While in pre-engineering, you will enroll in normal university core curriculum and engineering math courses. Pre-Engineering students benefit from the highly personal, success-oriented, and career-focused advising provided by University Advising during your first academic semesters at Texas Tech.

To change into Foundational Engineering after your first semester, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on at least 12 hours of Texas Tech coursework that is included in the foundational curriculum.

What is Foundational Engineering?

All new students who met assured admission requirements are admitted to the Whitacre College of Engineering. During your first year, you will initially work to complete a foundational engineering curriculum within your emphasis area.

Although your major will be listed as "Foundational Engineering" during your first year, you will still work toward your engineering emphasis area: Chemical, Civil, Computer, Construction, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial Mechanical, Petroleum Engineering or Computer Science.

I wanted to major in Business, but my major is listed as Undeclared or another major. Can I switch back to Business?

Admission to Texas Tech University does not guarantee admission to the Rawls College of Business.

All business majors have enrollment restrictions for incoming first year students (see below). If you applied to a business major and did not meet the assured admission requirements, you were either admitted into your second major choice or as an undeclared student. And, if you still want to pursue a degree in business, don't worry; many TTU students apply to these restricted majors after their first year.

Assured Freshman Requirements

Students graduating from an accredited high school who have the required combination of high school class rank and college entrance test scores indicated below will admitted into the COBA Pre-Business program.

Class Rank

ACT Scores

SAT Scores

Top 10% No Minimum
First Quarter (Excluding top 10%) 25 1140
Second Quarter 28 1230
Third Quarter 29 1270
Fourth Quarter Restricted
ACT composite score; SAT sum of critical reading and math; writing portions of both tests are required, but not used in determining assured admission. We combine the highest SAT critical reading and math scores from multiple test dates.
Assured Transfer Requirements

Students transferring into the Rawls College of Business from another institution must have taken a minimum of 12 credit hours and have a 2.75 transfer GPA.

What is a "COBA" major?

In order to ensure student success, the Rawls College of Business Administration (COBA) has established minimum requirements and expectations for undergraduate business students. All students will be classified as COBA Pre-business students until they have successfully completed the Lower Division Coursework with a minimum cumulative 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. Students will then apply to a specific major within the Rawls College of Business.

I want to be a Nurse. What should my major be?

Pre-Nursing is considered a designation at Texas Tech University; it is not a major. Students designated as Pre-Nursing are advised by Pre-Professional Health Careers and will take the prerequisite nursing courses at Texas Tech in order to apply for admission to the School of Nursing at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center (or other nursing program) to complete their degree.

What is Pre-Advertising, Pre-Electronic Media, Pre-Journalism, Pre-Media Strategies or Pre-Public Relations?

All students interested in earning a bachelor's degree in the College of Media and Communication, including transfer students, are initially placed into pre-major status. The pre-major serves as an opportunity for students to gauge preparation for more advanced courses. You will work with your academic advisor to meet the requirements to be fully admitted into your major.

I want to be a coach or work in the health and fitness industry. What should I major in?

The College of Education is now offering three new programs for students interested in coaching careers. A degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with a Minor in Coaching prepares students to teach math or science at the middle school level, grades 4 – 8, and gain the skills necessary for coaching in all sports. Multidisciplinary Science with a Minor in Coaching prepares students to teach Biology at the secondary level, grades 8 – 12, while gaining necessary skills for coaching sports in high school.

**Prior to Red Raider Orientation, you will need to verify only your major. During RRO, you can work with your Academic Advisor to declare a minor.

A second major option is Exercise and Sport Science, through the College of Arts & Sciences. This degree prepares individuals for professional careers, advanced graduate study, and entry into allied health programs (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical school). Students majoring in Exercise & Sport Science may choose from one of four tracks: Exercise & Health Promotion, Exercise Science, Physical Education Teacher Education, or Sport Management.

I am in the Honors College. Why does my "college" and major say something else?

The Honors College curriculum is completely independent of your major. The Honors College offers honors courses throughout the various academic colleges and majors at Texas Tech. Therefore, students of all majors can participate in the Honors program. If you are accepted into the Honors College, your College listed within the RRO Registration System and on the Admitted Student Dashboard will be associated with the academic major you chose on your ApplyTexas admissions application.

There is no "Honors" major. Students enroll in an academic program in a college of their choice AND they enroll in the Honors College at the same time; so most Honors students have dual enrollment in two colleges. The Honors College offers one major, Honors Arts & Letters (HAL) and one minor, Environment and the Humanities (EVHM). Students in the HAL program enroll only in the Honors College.

Students who apply to the Honors College at Texas Tech University will have a primary academic advisor in the College of the major they are pursuing, AND will also have an Honors College advisor who will help guide them in selecting courses to meet the Honors requirements. At Red Raider Orientation, you will meet with both your primary academic advisor and your Honors College advisor.

If you have questions about the Honors College, please email or call (806) 742-1828.

Uncertain about your major?

Major Change

To change your major, please send an email We need this request in writing, and we ask that you include your full name, date of birth, your current major and the new major you would like to declare. Please allow up to 48 hours to process this request. Once your major has been updated, you will be able to view your new major at the top of the Admitted Student Dashboard and inside the RRO Registration System.