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Before you Register...Please Read the Following

  1. There are two different types of RRO sessions: Freshman and Transfer.  The RRO registration system will automatically determine which type of session you are required to attend.
  2. There are no upfront costs for students to attend RRO. The fee for orientation will be charged to students' fall tuition.
  3. Parents and family members: We HIGHLY recommend you attend orientation with your student. If you choose to attend, you must register each person as a "Guest." A guest has the option to stay on-campus or off-campus. 
    • For the Freshman Two-Day sessions, if guests are added, the fees must be paid up front. The "Guest" fee will vary based upon age, and if they are staying on- or off-campus. The registration system defaults to the guest to stay on-campus, so make sure that you select the correct guest registration type before submitting. 
    • There is no guest fee for the Transfer One-Day sessions.
    • "Guests" can be added or removed after the student completes their RRO Registration if you aren't sure who will attend with you.
  4. For incoming freshman from high school and transfers with 23 credits or below: the schedule for RRO is a TWO-DAY event. RRO check-in starts at 10 am. Please do not plan to leave RRO before 3 pm on day two.
  5. For the Two- Day sessions, students will be staying overnight in Hulen/Clement during RRO. Your roommate will be randomly assigned.
    • Overnight accommodations are not provided for the One-Day sessions.
  6. If a student and/or guest needs optional accommodations for arrival to Lubbock a day EARLY or a day LATE, you can reserve optional on-campus accommodations for an extra fee to be paid upfront: $19 for student, $25 for guests. You can also choose to make other arrangements for early or late arrival. There are several reasons you may need to come early or late:
    • RRO starts at 10 am. You might need to travel to Lubbock the night before to make it in time for check-in.
    • You should plan to stay at RRO until 3 pm on day two of your session. Depending on your travel arrangements, you might need to leave the next morning.
    • You may need to test for TSI compliance (for more information about TSI, visit the Texas Success Initiative website and our Registration Hold page). Some students may need to test in several areas, and tests are untimed. We recommend coming to Lubbock a day prior to your RRO session to ensure you are not rushed during testing, and so you will have a better RRO experience.
  7. Students may have course Registration Hold(s) on their account. A hold represents a requirement that has NOT been completed by the student. While these holds will not prevent you from registering for Red Raider Orientation, a hold must be completed in order to register for classes. You can view your holds when you log into the RRO registration system. You are encouraged to take care of any holds prior to your Red Raider Orientation session. 
    • A hold you may encounter is a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) hold. This means you need to take one or more tests. If a student has a TSI hold on their account, the student must come A DAY EARLY and take the test(s) with Academic Testing Services.
  8. You will be able to see your declared major when you log into the registration system.  If you would like to change your major, you are encouraged to sign up for RRO as soon as possible, then change your major.  You may log back into the registration system to change your RRO date if you wish after your major is changed.  For more information about majors and how to request a major change, visit our Verity Your Major page. Please note: It may take up to 48 hours for any major change requests to appear in the RRO registration system.

Steps to Register

Once you have been admitted, it will take 24-48 hours for you to be able to register for RRO.

Use your eRaider username and password to log into the RRO registration system. To register, click here and then follow the instructions below for online registration:

  1. Personal Information - Ensure that your personal information is correct and up to date, and add any additional information if necessary.
  2. Questionnaire - Verify that your major is listed correctly. If you have any holds listed, please refer to the information on the Holds page to get them removed. Please answer all of the remaining questions listed under Additional Information.
  3. Dates - Select your RRO session.
  4. Guests - Finally, you will be able to register and pay for any guests that will be attending with you. You must pay the guest fee at this time.
  5. My Reservation - Verify the information you have submitted to make sure it is correct. Once everything is correct, select "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

If you need to change any information after you have already registered for orientation, then you can log back into the registration website and update your information at anytime.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please call 806-742-5433 or email RRO at redraiderorientation@ttu.edu. If you are having difficulty logging into the system, you will need to call IT Help Services at 806-742-4357.



Register for Red Raider Orientation

To access our online registration system, click the button below. You will log in with your eRaider username and password to assess the system.

You must completely submit your registration in order to be in your selected session.  if you do not submit completely, then your seat is not saved.

Attention - Spring 2015 admits: Registration for Spring RRO Is not open at this time. Please check back here later in the Fall.

Register for RRO




If you need to cancel your orientation reservation, please fill out this form and fax it to 806-742-0138 or scan a copy and e-mail it to redraiderorientation@ttu.edu.