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Transfer Credit FAQS

How do I transfer my credit to Texas Tech?

In order to receive transfer credit, you must first submit official copies of your final transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities. All transferable credit will be included in your total earned hours at Texas Tech; however, the GPA from your transfer credit is not calculated into your TTU GPA.

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How can I find out if courses from other institutions that will transfer to Texas Tech?

There are several ways of determining if the credit from other institutions will transfer for credit to TTU.

  • If the institution is a Texas public institution, you can search for Texas Common Courses that will be acceptable for transfer at TTU. The Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) has been designed to aid students in the transfer of general academic courses between Texas public colleges and universities throughout the state. The system insures students that courses designated as common will be accepted for transfer and the credit will be treated as if the courses had actually been taken on the receiving institution's campus. Texas Tech courses identified as common will have the Common Course Number listed in brackets at the end of each course description. Click on the following link to learn more about the TCCNS: The Texas Common Course Numbering System (

  • You can search for equivalencies online for all institutions using the Automated Transfer Equivalency Search(

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How do I send my transcript to TTU?

​You can have your transcript sent to TTU the following ways:


 TTU Transfer Evaluation Office

   PO Box 45015

 Lubbock, TX 79409


Institutions can send official college transcripts electronically to

Hand Deliver to TEO

Students can hand deliver transcripts to West Hall Room 121.



Transcripts must be delivered in a sealed envelope to be considered official.

Please note: The information above is for currently enrolled students. If you have not been admitted to TTU, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions office for options to send your transcript.

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Has Texas Tech received my transcript?

​Students can view if TTU has received their most recent transcript from another institution by visiting The most recent date the transcript was received is shown next to each transfer institution attended.

All electronic transcripts that are sent to TTU go to the Undergraduate Admissions office by default. If you sent a transcript electronically, and it is not showing in your academic record please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office to verify that it was received. Once the transcript is added to the students file, the Transfer Evaluation Office will process the transfer credit accordingly.

If the transcript was sent to TTU by mail, please contact the Transfer Evaluation Office to inquire about transcripts that were mailed to PO Box 45015 Lubbock, TX 79409.

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How do I view my transfer credits?

Students can view how their courses transfered into TTU by visiting or by viewing their unofficial transcript on Raiderlink (

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How do I petition a transfer credit?

If you did not receive a TTU equivalency for a transfer course, and would like to petition for an equivalent TTU course, you will need to submit a syllabus from the course taken at the previous school to

Click on the "Submit Syllabus" button next to the course you are petitioning. This will bring up an email box where you will attach the syllabus and submit it.

Once submitted the Registrar's office will forward the syllabus to the appropriate academic department for review. The department will review the syllabus and determine if there is a TTU equivalency.

Students will be able to view the status of the syllabus submission via the "Evaluation History" column on their MyTransfer page.

Evaluation History Key

Submit to Department: The Transfer Evaluation Office has submitted the syllabus, and is pending review from the academic department.

Dept needs more information:  The academic department has reviewed the syllabus, but does not have enough information about the course to make an equivalency decision.

Complete: The academic department has made an equivalency decision, and the Transfer Evaluation Office has updated the students record accordingly.

Note: In order to submit a syllabus via MyTransfer, the student must be admitted and have an active eraider account.

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Can I replace a grade in a course completed at Texas Tech with the grade from my transfer credit?

The only way to replace a grade is to repeat that same course at TTU. You cannot replace a grade earned at TTU with a grade earned for an equivalent course at another institution. If you repeat the credit at another institution, the higher grade may be counted instead of the TTU course, but your GPA will remain the same.

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What is the minimum grade that will transfer for credit?

In order to be eligible for transfer. you must have earned a minimum grade of "D" or above at the sending institution. However, most degree programs require at least a grade of "C" or above in all courses applicable for your degree.  

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What is the maximum number of hours I can transfer?

The maximum number of transfer hours are outlined in the Texas Tech University Academic Catalog.

Credit Transfered from Other Colleges and Universities

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Does Texas Tech award credit for military educational experiences?

Texas Tech will award credit hours for military educational experiences while in the armed forces based on the recommendations of the American Council on Education. The following documentation is required before applicable credit can be determined:

  • Joint Services Transcripts

  • A copy of your DD214

  • Any certificates or documentation describing the course content or objectives.

PLEASE NOTE: The "Army/American Council on Education Transcripts (AARTS)" and the "Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART)" have been combined into the "Joint Services Transcript" which covers all branches of service.

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Can I receive transfer credit for hours earned from a non-accredited institution?

Students wishing to transfer credit to Texas Tech from a non-accredited institution must:

  • Complete 30 semester credit hours of work in residence at Texas Tech with at least a 2.0 GPA

  • Receive approval from the academic dean in order to validate credits for transfer.

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Does TechPrep credit earned while in high school transfer to TTU?

NO, Texas Tech University does not accept TechPrep credit earned while in high school.

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Will my transfer credit be automatically applied towards my TTU degree program?

Evaluation of course credit earned at other institutions by the Transfer Evaluation Office does not decree approval of the credit for use toward degree requirements. Only the academic dean of the college offering the program in which a student is enrolled has authority for determining which courses will be applied toward any specific program.

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How do I go about getting transfer credit for work completed through affiliated studies abroad?

You first must attend exit counseling and submit official transcripts in the Office of International Affairs (OIA). Once you have completed the exit counseling, the OIA will then forward your official transcripts to the Registrar's Office where they will be filed in your permanent record. Obtaining course equivalency approval is primarily the responsibility of the student . All credit must be evaluated by each applicable academic department. For example, if you completed a program in art history, the Art Department must determine what credit would be applicable at TTU. All course approvals must be in writing and have the signature of the faculty member who approved the credit. Finally, all credit must be approved by your academic dean before the Transfer Office may apply the credit to your record.

The Transfer Evaluation Office can assist the transfer process by acting as an intermediary between the student and the departmental contacts. You must supply all course information (course descriptions, course syllabus, textbooks, etc.) to the Transfer Office so that the information may be forwarded for evaluation. Evaluation of foreign credit may sometimes take months to complete; therefore, the sooner you can begin the process, the sooner your credit will be posted.

For more information about Affiliated Studies Abroad programs offered at Texas Tech, visit:

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Can I choose not to transfer my credit to Texas Tech?

You must submit transcripts for every institution you have previously attended before being admitted to Texas Tech University. All transferable credit hours are applied at TTU to calculate your classification.

The only exception to this rule is "Fresh Start Admission" which allows student's the option of discounting all hours earned ten or more years prior to their first enrollment at TTU. For more information on Fresh Start, contact the Office of Admission & School Relations (

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I attended the Texas Tech School of Allied Health, but I took some of my courses on the Texas Tech University campus. Now I am enrolled as a TTU student. Why does this credit not show up on my TTU transcript?

The Texas Tech School of Allied Health is considered a separate entity apart from Texas Tech University. While many students may take classes on both campuses during the same semester, the student only has one enrollment status in either institution.

All credit earned while enrolled in the Texas Tech School of Allied Health is posted on the TTUHSC transcript, even if the credit was actually completed on the TTU campus. If you enroll as a student pursuing a degree on the TTU campus, you must request that the hours earned in your previous career be included on the TTU transcript from your academic dean or advisor. The Office of the Registrar must receive the request from the student's college of enrollment before any changes will be made to the permanent record. Many times, only credit directly applicable to the students TTU degree will be transferred.

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