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Optional Rotations

Optional rotations provide interns with specialized experience and supervision in working with specific populations and/or presenting concerns. It is possible for interns to participate in more than one rotation simultaneously; because rotations vary in time commitment, participation in simultaneous rotations will be negotiated on an individual basis. Some rotations may be repeated for more than one semester, but breadth of training is encouraged. Optional rotations may vary depending on available supervision and are subject to change. Number of interns that each rotation can accommodate is variable, but most interns find that they can meet all of their training interests throughout the internship year. Consultation with Director of Training is provided in scheduling rotations.


Current Optional Rotations


(4.5 hours: 3.5 direct service; 1.0 supervision)

Program Description:  This rotation is designed to afford interns the opportunity to gain more in-depth experience working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (GLBTQ) students across a variety of treatment modalities.  That is, interns will work with individual clients who identify as GLBTQ or those presenting with sexual identity concerns/ questions as well as co-lead the GLBTQ Group and /or the Transgender Support Group. 

Program Requirements:  Interns are expected to provide affirming psychotherapy experiences to GLBTQ clients or those presenting with sexual/gender identity concerns.  Interns are also expected to fully engage in both the individual and group supervision. In addition, interns will be expected to read and apply theories pertinent to their work with the GLBTQ population.  The breakdown of the total number of weekly hours for the rotation is as follows:

  • Individual Therapy Supervision:                                  .5 hours
  • Group Therapy Supervision:                                       0.5 hours
  • GLBT/Transgender Support Group:                         1.5 hours
  • Individual Clients/Couples:                                        2.0 hours

Total:                                                                   4.5 hours

Training/ Supervision Provided:  Weekly ½ hour for supervision of individual clients and ½ hour for supervision of GLBT Group.

Supervisors:  Richard Lenox, Ph.D. and Amanda Wheeler Ph.D.


(4.5 hours: 3 direct service; 1 treatment team meeting; .5 hours  supervision)

Program Description:  The Ranch at Dove Tree is a privately owned substance dependence treatment facility in Lubbock, Tx.  The Ranch provides residential, partial care, and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment; intern rotation involves participating in the IOP portion of treatment.  IOP provides evening group therapy for individuals in recovery and is located convenient to the Texas Tech campus.

Program Requirements:  3 hours of direct service per week. Service delivery consists of co-leading one 3 hour therapy group from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, one evening per week through the duration of the semester. Intern must be available to co-lead a group on the same night as Dr. Hobbs.

  • Group Therapy:                                                   3 hours
  • Treatment Team Meeting                                1 hour
  • Individual Supervision:                                  .5 hours

Total:                                                       4.5 hours

Supervision/Training:  Intern will attend a one hour weekly treatment team meeting with Dr. Hobbs and the IOP clinical team. Intern will also receive half hour of individual supervision per week with Dr. Klint Hobbs.

Supervisor: Klint Hobbs, Ph.D. Coordinator of IOP Program:  Vincent Sanchez, M.Ed.


(4 hours: 2.5 direct service; .5 supervision; 1.0 supervision prep time)

Program Description: Interns who elect this optional rotation will receive additional experience in clinical supervision, in both individual and group formats.

Program Requirements:  Individual clinical supervision of a 2nd practicum supervisee (one practicum supervisee is required for all interns) for 1.5 hours per week.  Co-facilitation of practicum case seminar for all SCC practicum students for 1.0 hour per week – co-facilitated with Dr. Marie Moerkbak.  1.0 hour per week of Supervision Prep time (e.g., for viewing of video, review of supervisee documentation, etc.) and ½ hour of individual superivison with Dr. Viator.

  • Supervision of Practicum Student:            1.5 hours
  • Co-Facilitate Practicum Case Seminar:        1 hour
  • Supervision Prep Time:                                     1 hour
  • Individual Supervision:                                   .5 hours

    Total:                                                      4 hours

Training/Supervision Provided: ½ hour per week of individual supervision with Dr. Lisa Viator

Supervisors:  Marie Moerkbak, Ph.D. & Lisa Viator, Ph.D.


(4.5 hours: 3.5 direct service; 1.0 supervision/planning)

Program Description:Interns will gain more in-depth experience working with SCC clients who have eating concerns. The rotation places special emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders within the brief therapy model.

Program Requirements: Interns will provide individual and group therapy to clients with eating and/or body image concerns. Assessment will be utilized in diagnosis and treatment planning for these clients and will include administration of the EDI-III plus additional inventories determined in consultation with supervisor.  Assessment results will be documented in the form of an integrated report.  Due to the unique nature of eating concerns, interns will consult with other providers including but not limited to physicians, dieticians, and referral sources in the community. The breakdown of weekly hours for the rotation is as follows:

  • Individual Therapy Supervision:                      0.5 hours
  • Group Therapy Supervision:                             0.5 hours
  • Group:                                                                      1.5 hours
  • Individual Clients:                                                2.0 hours
  • Assessment: 2  integrated assessment reports

Total:                                                          4.5 hours per week

Training/Supervision Provided: Every week interns will receive one half hour for supervision of individual clients, one half hour for supervision of group, and counsultation as needed.  One slot available per semester.

Supervisor: Eliot Dennard, Ph.D.


(3.5 - 4.5 hours: 3 - 3.5 direct service; .5 - 1 supervision)

Program Description:This rotation is designed to afford interns the opportunity to gain more in-depth experience working with sexual assault/abuse survivors. Interns will work with individual clients who are survivors, conduct and integrated trauma assessment that includes the Trauma Symptom Inventory, and co-lead a group for sexual assault survivors (if enough members sign up).

Program Requirements:  Interns are expected to provide empathetic, compassionate, and empowering psychotherapy experiences to sexual assault/abuse survivors.  Interns are also expected to fully engage in the supervision process. In addition, interns will be expected to read and apply theories pertinent to their work with survivors. Interns will also be expected to provide one integrated assessment of a sexual assault/abuse survivor client to use in treatment planning and conceptualization.  The breakdown of the total number of weekly hours for the rotation is as follows:

  • Supervision:                                                  0.5 - 1 hour (1 if group makes)
  • Individual Clients:                                             2.0 hours
  • Journey to wholeness group                          1.5 hours
    • (will add 1 individual client hour if group does not make)
    • Integrated trauma assessment: 1 assessment

    Total per week  :                           3.5-4.5 hours

    Training/ Supervision Provided:  Weekly:  ½ hour for supervision. Consultation as needed.

    Supervisor:  Ty Stafford, M. Ed.


    (3.0 hours weekly: 0-2 hours direct service; 0-2 hours observation couples therapy; 1 hour group supervision)

    (Available Spring Semester)

    Program Description:  This clinical experience occurs once weekly from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. and provides a supportive yet challenging atmosphere in which to learn and apply theories of change in couples therapy.  Unique features of this experience include the opportunity to do co-therapy and to observe and conduct couples therapy using a reflecting (observation) team and live supervision.

    Program Requirements:  Interns are invited to participate in this program as a rotation option. Prior coursework in this discipline or therapy experience with couples is not required. Participants are invited to use their own theoretical approach and also expected to integrate approaches discussed during the didactic and reflective supervistion portions of the rotation.  The nature of the training components varies depending on size of the team and number of referrals. Participants are expected to attend all 3 hours each week. Interns may be expected to spend some time outside of the 3 hour meeting reading materials and preparing for seeing couples.

    • Couples Therapy:                                                  0-2 hours
    • Team Observation of Couples Therapy:        0-2 hours
    • Group Supervision:                                                  1 hour

    Total:                                                             3 hours

    Training/Supervision Provided:  Weekly – 0-2 hours of team observation of couples therapy; one hour of group supervision. Additional consultation available as needed.

    Supervisors: Nancy Robinson, Ph.D. and Jennifer Accuardi-Gay, LMFT


    (not weekly but focused during slower clinical times)

    Program Description: Interns who choose this rotation will gain an understanding and experience in the functions of the Director, Clinical Director, and Training Director of a university counseling center.  The Director will cover topics such as managing the budget, organization structure, staffing issues and team building, and navigating political issues.  The Clinical Director will focus on developing policies and procedures, collecting outcome and clinical usage data, and working with other university departments.  The training Director will cover flow of training administration, addressing difficulties in trainees, intern selection, and accreditation issues.  Inters in this rotation will also serve on counseling center committees, meet with Support Staff to gain an understanding of factors influencing these roles, meet with the Associate VP, and attend outside meetings with the Director and the Clinical Director..

    Program Requirements:  Interns will have individual meetings twice during the winter break and twice during the summer with the Director, the Clinical Director , and the Training Director (for a total of 12 hours).  Interns will have one meeting with the Associate VP and Dean of Students.  Interns will attend one Behavioral Intervention Team meeting with the Clinical Director and one Student Affairs Directors meeting with the Director.  Interns in this rotation will also serve on the Training Committee (meets one a month throughout the year) and the Policies and Procedures Committee (meets 1 hour a week for 6 weeks during the summer).

    • Meetings with Director:                                          3 hours
    • Meetings with Clinical Director:                          3 hours
    • Meetings with Training Director:                        3 hours
    • Meeting with Assoc VP and Dean:                       1 hour
    • Behavioral Intervention Team Meeting:           2 hours
    • Training Committee Meetings:                          12 hours
    • Policies & Procedures Committee:                      6 hours

    Total for the internship year:                30 hours 

    Training/Supervision Provided:  varies throughout the year

    Supervisors: Richard Lenox, Ph.D., Lisa Viator, Ph.D. and Sharla Boyd, Ph.D.


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