Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

Established in 1923, TTU and the TTU Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) comprise one of the four major universities in Texas. Situated on a 1,839 acre campus, TTU houses several undergraduate colleges, a Graduate School, and a School of Law. The TTU Health Sciences Center (adjacent to the Main Campus) houses schools of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health. Undergraduate degrees are offered in over 150 majors; more than 100 graduate degrees are offered in over 70 programs. Historically, TTU was nationally known for its academic programs in Engineering and Agriculture; however, within the past 40 years all academic programs have been developed and staffed to equal emphasis. Students represent every state in the nation and more than 90 foreign countries. TTU has been attracting increasing numbers of National Merit Scholars and is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by numerous professional societies. The TTU Athletic program is part of the Big Twelve Conference.

The TTU Student Population

Texas Tech University's current enrollment is more than 36,500. Approximately 59% of the student body is Caucasian, and 41% are from ethnically diverse populations. Hispanic (22%) and African-American (5%) students comprise the largest ethnic populations on campus. Approximately 9% of the student body is of foreign residency, and approximately 84% are Texas residents. The ethnic diversity of the Student Counseling Center clients is greater than the diversity of the university students.
Reflective of the national trend, the Student Counseling Center has experienced an increase in the severity of concerns in students seeking services. Clients are assigned to interns in such a way that allows exposure to a wide variety of diagnoses, degrees of severity, and demographic diversity. The age composition of our service population covers the life span beginning with late teens; however, our clientele is mostly traditional college-age students.
The SCC subscribes to a brief therapy model of services. For training purposes and to encourage student utilization, group therapy services are not currently subject to the session limit.









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