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Training Components

Interns recieve 5 days of professional development leave time for the year and can accrue more through after hours outreach activities. Professional Development Leave can be used for working on dissertation, travel for dissertation defense, or job interviews.

Interns develop outreach skills through participation in one of four outreach teams organized around psychoeducational topic areas. Currently, the teams are composed around the topics of Diversity Issues, Healthy Relationships and Sexual Assault, Mood Disorders, and Stress Management and Body Image.


Other strengths of the program:


Evaluation & Successful Completion of Internship

Interns are evaluated over the course of the year on level of competence in the following areas. Minimal levels of competence must be achieved in all areas in order to successfully complete the internship program.

  1. Individual Therapy
  2. Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  3. Crisis Intervention
  4. Psychiatric/Medical Referral & Consultation
  5. Group Therapy
  6. Psychological Assessment
  7. Outreach Programming
  8. Professional Ethics
  9. Sensitivity to Diversity
  10. Professionalism & Personal Functioning
  11. Supervision of Trainees
  12. Couples Therapy