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Available Groups

Summer 2016 Groups
Understanding Self & Others
Tuesdays: 3:00-5:00pm
Taking Back Hope: Mood Disorders
Wednesdays: 5:00-6:00pm

**Some of these groups may not be offered every semester. **

Understanding Self and Others Group (USO)

Group members explore and discuss patterns of relating to self and others by discovering acceptance and understanding of themselves and others. Topics of discussion vary greatly from depression, anxiety, relationships, family concerns, eating issues, alcohol abuse and/or personal growth. The groups thrive on diversity as members discover the common bond through emotional experiences.

Social Coaching Group

This is a small and structured group in a safe and supportive environment to help you develop individualized coping strategies to increase your social performance and satisfaction.

Safe Haven: A Therapy Group for the GLBTQ Community

This group is a small and unstructured group in a safe and supportive environment to help you develop individualized coping strategies to increase your social performance and satisfaction. Topics of discussion may include struggles with identity, acceptance, or general relationship concerns.

Transgender/Non-Binary Support Group

This group is open to any student wanting to discuss and explore gender identity concerns. It is suitable for any student that is questioning or firm in their identity as being gender non-conforming.

Running Group

This group combines the elements of a USO Group with exercise.  The group focus is on the treatment of anxiety, what areas in your life that may contribute, from relationships, academics or just general anxiety.  The group also runs as a form of exercise and treatment for the anxiety.

Taking Back Hope

This group is a semi-structured group that provides some education and ability to discuss and process experiences for those who may have any mood disorder.  This group provides many opportunities to learn about how to work through mood disorders and prepare students for the USO groups.  The group remains open throughout the semester.

Weighting for Inner Peace

This is a psychotherapy group designed for clients struggling with disordered eating (of any form) and/or body image concerns. While this group will include components of a typical process group (i.e., personal sharing, working to relate others, empathizing, etc.), it will be based largely on different experiential exercises. 

Coping Skills

This is a small and structured group to help you develop individualized coping strategies to increase your interpersonal functioning and decrease emotional distress.

Journey to Wholeness

A skills-based group to help sexual trauma survivors cope with the symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress and feel empowered in their relationships.

Remaining Men Together

Men receive messages that they are supposed to be competitive, independent, confident, rational, and tough.  Such traits serve us well, however they can lead us to hide parts of our true selves, such as our struggles, failures, fears and sadness.  The results can be stressful.  This group provides a place to examine these messages and for each individual to create a version of masculinity that works for him.  Men often have difficulty opening up about their experiences.  Many men in our society and throughout various cultures have been taught to hold things in and revealing struggles is a sign of weakness.  The reality is that most men have difficulties they'd like to talk about.  This group provides a non-judgmental space to do this.  The group will meet weekly on Wednesdays from 11 -12:30PM. Those who are interested will need to meet with the leaders before beginning group.  For more information, please contact Andrew Friedman, Ph.D. at a.friedman@ttu.edu


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