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Individual Counseling


Intro to Individual Counseling

The university experience can be a time of substantial growth for students, filled with changes, challenges and new decisions. Few students move through this time without some personal turbulence, and many experience periods of trauma, crisis, stress, and confusion. The Student Counseling Center staff is available to help students with any problems they may be experiencing.

Examples of Individual Counseling Therapies

The SCC offers numerous types of individual therapies. Listed below are a few examples of the individual therapies offered:

    • stress management and relaxation training
    • depression screening and treatment
    • anxiety reduction
    • counseling for relationship concerns
    • family of origin issues
    • gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender affirmative therapy
    • counseling for sexual trauma and assault
    • multicultural affirmative counseling
    • treatment for eating disorders
    • cognitive behavioral therapy

Updates about Our Services (4/17/17)


We are currently on a two-week wait for individual therapy appointments following intake.  Please consider seeking treatment through the Family Therapy Clinic, 806-742-3074 for more pressing concerns.

Individual Counseling Guidelines

Individual therapy services are typically brief in nature, and students will be evaluated to determine if their concerns can be addressed through brief therapy. Referrals to other agencies/practitioners may be made for concerns that require longer-term care. These referrals may be made following an intake session, upon completion of short-term services at the SCC, or anytime during the course of treatment.


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