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Getting Started in the MindSpa: Some FAQs


Who can use the MindSpa?

The MindSpa is available to Texas Tech University faculty, staff, and enrolled students by appointment only. 


What are the MindSpa's hours?

Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM when the University is open.


How do I schedule an appointment?

Call or stop by the Student Counseling Center in 201 Student Wellness Center (corner of Flint and Main), 742-3674.  If you are a current SCC client, you may schedule an appointment through your counselor.


How long is an appointment?

45 minutes


Do I have to be an SCC client to use the MindSpa?



Do I have to fill out paperwork to use the MindSpa?



What if I have questions about the MindSpa equipment?

The MindSpa is user-friendly and designed for independent use.   In the Relaxation Room, step-by-step instructions for biofeedback, the massage chair, and the Audio Library are provided in the instruction manual.   In both the Relaxation Room and the Biofeedback Room, a set of audio instructions for biofeedback are provided on the computer desktops.  Biofeedback Room instruction manuals also have written information and instructions.   You may call the front desk from the MindSpa for additional assistance as needed.  

Please Note: It is important to consult your health care professional before beginning any independent stress management program.  Independent use of the MindSpa is not recommended for persons suffering from active symptoms of  PTSD or panic disorder. Go to Precautions for more information about possible risks.