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Diversity 101

This is an interactive presentation that discusses the influences of power, privilege and oppression on students’ individual and collective experiences.

Four Corners: A GLBTQ Values Exploration

This is an interactive, engaging exercise that encourages students to explore their values related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer): Suicide Prevention Training

Did you know that suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students? Everyone has a responsibility to help prevent suicide. Through our certified QPR Gatekeeper training students, faculty, and staff can learn the warning signs for suicide, what to say to someone who is at risk for suicide, and where and how to refer someone who is suicidal for help. Talking about suicide is difficult, but QPR Gatekeepers are empowered to help those who may be in desperate need. Training usually lasts 1.5 hours.  

Strategies to Work towards a Healthy Relationship

This presentation reviews how to set a foundation for a healthy intimate relationship, challenges to such relationships, and communication strategies to maintain closeness as well as deal effectively with conflict when it arises. A role play exercise with class participation is used to reinforce the main points of the presentation.

Stress Management & Biofeedback Presentations

This presentation highlights the MindSpa and Biofeedback in order to teach students how to manage their stress using relaxation, visualization, and biofeedback techniques. A tour is part of this presentation.

White Privilege Presentation

An interactive presentation aimed at increasing awareness of White privilege. Discussion includes an exploration of definitions, examples, influences, and ways to challenge one’s own biases.