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Outreach Services

In order to help create a community that is psychologically safe for all students, the Student Counseling Center (SCC) takes an active role in the primary prevention of mental illness through outreach efforts to the Texas Tech community. At the SCC, we believe that psychological problems are caused by a variety of factors – biological, psychological, and sociocultural.

One of the SCC's outreach goals is aimed at changing sociocultural factors that interfere with the positive psychological functioning of Texas Tech students. We believe that psychological problems are caused in part by social inequity and injustice. Therefore, our outreach programs seek to raise awareness about psychological issues, challenge ideas that contribute to social inequity, disempowerment, and discrimination, as well as the underlying structures that support them. In addition, we hope to empower students to find and use their voices in a healthy and productive way.

Based on the concepts of prevention and wellness, the SCC sponsors a number of large-scale outreach activities throughout the academic school year. These activities are targeted to issues that are specifically relevant to the campus community and include topics such as substance abuse prevention, mental health awareness, body image and healthy eating, sexual assault prevention, issues surrounding all forms of diversity, and stress management. These activities are open to the entire campus community and are designed to foster awareness and prevention in a dynamic way. In addition, the SCC also offers presentations to classrooms, student groups, and faculty and staff. These presentations can be tailored to the needs of unique groups on campus. Requests for presentations should be directed to Dr. Amanda Wheeler.

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