Texas Tech University

Klint Hobbs, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
Outreach Coordinator

Graduate Training: Counseling Psychology, Brigham Young University, 2008

Internship: Texas Tech University, 2007–2008

Theoretical Orientation: Interpersonal and Constructivist

Professional Interests: Student Identity Development, Grief-Loss Process, Men's Issues, Substance Abuse

Approach to Therapy: Conceptually I operate from a constructivist foundation in that I see people as active agents in constructing meaning in their lives. People constantly develop rules about themselves, their relation to others, and their standing in the world. The vehicle through which this meaning-making process occurs is entirely relational in nature. We construct reality based on the relationships we have with others.

Since relationships are fundamental to our constructed reality, I use a relational orientation to work with clients. I see therapy as providing the client with a fundamentally different relational experience than they're used to, and much of the work of therapy occurs in the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship. I integrate cognitive and existential theory somewhat, but I see change occurring, at its core, through relational means.

Approach to Supervision: My supervision style blends my relational therapeutic style with a developmental paradigm. I feel that supervision is most beneficial when it includes tailoring supervision to the developmental needs and capabilities of supervisees. I see the supervisory relationship as providing a safe context for exploration, and I expect supervisees to be introspective and to take risks to increase their self-awareness. As supervisees progress developmentally they are increasingly able to use their awareness to effect positive change with clients.

Staff at SCC since 2008

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