Texas Tech University

Sharla Boyd, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Director of Intern Training
Licensed Psychologist
(since 4/30/2004)

Graduate Training: Counseling Psychology, Texas Tech University, 2002

Internship: Vanderbilt University - VA Internship Consortium, 2001-02

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative (Interpersonal, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral)

Professional Interests: Clinical supervision, Diversity issues, Self-injury, Abuse survivors

Approach to Therapy: I combine interpersonal, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral theories as I work with clients to explore difficulties they are having. I believe the therapy relationship is very important, and I use our relationship to help the client better understand the patterns in their relationships. I also often focus on developing an understanding of and improved coping with the client's emotions.

Approach to Supervision: I really enjoy supervision and combine support and recognition of supervisees' strengths with challenging them to grow. I value a supervisee who is willing to examine themselves and their own internal reactions in supervision as I believe this is invaluable in improving as a therapist. I am open to supervisees taking a different approach than I would but also ask them to consider different perspectives and things outside of their “comfort zone”.

Staff at SCC since 2003

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