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Eliot Dennard, M.A.

Graduate Training: Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology, Texas Tech University

Master of Arts, Psychology, Texas Tech University

Internship: Texas Tech University, Student Counseling Center 2014-2015

Theoretical Orientation:  Interpersonal, Emotion-focused, Client-Centered

Professional Interests: Eating disorders, group therapy, interpersonal/relationship concerns, training and supervision

Approach to Therapy: I believe that the most important component of therapy is the relationship that develops between client and therapist. Therefore, I carefully attend to establishing an environment where clients feel comfortable, understood, and safe, so that clients can feel secure in sharing about difficult experiences. I tend to focus on patterns that individuals develop in their relationships, and how these patterns may be contributing to their current distress. I also use the therapeutic relationship as a place where clients can begin exploring alternative ways of approaching relationships. I also incorporate emotion-focused techniques, so that clients can become more aware of their emotional experiences and how to cope with those emotions.

Approach to Supervision: I approach supervision similarly to how I approach therapy. I believe that it is the supervisor’s job to establish an environment in supervision that is conducive to supervisee growth. Therefore, I hope to establish a safe setting for the supervisee to share both struggles and successes. I also believe that the process of supervision is highly developmental and that I should be responsive to the developmental needs of a supervisee. I might take a more “hands on”/teacher role with a beginning trainee, whereas I would take more of a consultant role with a more advanced trainee. My goal in supervision is to always be supportive and helpful, while also encouraging supervisees to take risks and challenges so that they can grow professionally.   

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