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Crystal Rofkahr, M.S.

Graduate Training: University of North Dakota, Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. program

Internship: Texas Tech University, 2013-2014

Theoretical Orientation: 

Professional Interests: Meditation/Mindfulness, Supervision, Stress and Anxiety, Gender Identity, Eating Concrns, and Preventive Health Psychology  

Approach to Therapy: My clinical work is grounded in the biopsychococial model. I integrate this model with interpersonal process, mindfulness-based approaches, cognitive-behavioral, feminist, and systems theories.  I believe that this integrative approach to therapy highlights my flexibility in regards to meeting the diverse needs of the clients I serve.

My central intervention tool is the therapeutic alliance that emphasizes the collaborative nature of the counselor/client partnership, which I believe is the cornerstone of change.  I am mindful of my presence in the room as well as the client's multicultural identity. I try to remain aware of the power differential and attempt to be transparent in the therapeutic process.

Furthermore, I do not view therapy as an isolated event occurring solely within the confines of a professional office.  Rather, I am committed to bringing a client's lifestyle, perspectives, and interests to the forefront of therapeutic work. I ask clients to incorporate therapeutic work into their everyday lives.

Approach to Supervision: My main goal in supervision is to provide a space for the supervisee to develop as a professional. I want to guide the supervisee in finding their voice personally and professionally. I meet the supervisee where they are as a clinician and work from a developmental framework .  

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