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Jami Voss, M.Ed.

Graduate Training: Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology, University of Memphis

Masters of Education, Community/Agency Counseling, University of Missouri

Internship: Student Counseling Center, Texas Tech University, 2014-2015

Theoretical Orientation: Humanistic-Constructivist, Interpersonal, Feminist

Professional Interests:   Intimate partner violence, sexual trama, LGBT, life trasitions, relationships, healthy sexual behavior

Approach to Therapy: Consistent with my theoretical orientation, I believe it is important that students experience an environment and relationship where they feel safe, supported, and understood as they explore challenging aspects of their lives and experience difficult emotions.  I help students identify what they would like to be different in their lives as well as their strengths and resources that can help them make positive changes. I tend to focus on how students' past experiences influence their beliefs about themselves and the world and, if these beliefs are contributing to distress or no longer fit with their experiences,  I support them as they consider and adjust their understanding to be more consistent with their current goals and values.

Approach to Supervision:  Similarly to how I approach therapy, I believe a supportive and safe relationship is important in supervision as supervisees identify and utilize their strengths, address their areas for growth, practice increasingly difficult skills, and understand how personal factors influence their work with clients.  I work to understand where supervisees are in their development and their goals for training.  Then I increasingly challenge and support them as they take risks in order to grow as a professional.  I focus on recognizing supervisees’ strengths and successes, helping them clarify their understanding of their clients, challenging them to consider different techniques or perspectives, and supporting them as they explore a variety of ways to approach difficulties in their clinical work.

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