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Greg Stevens, M.S.

Graduate Training: Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology, Auburn University

Mental Health Counseling, Lee University, 2007

Internship: Student Counseling Center, Texas Tech University, 2013-2014

Theoretical Orientation: Contemporary psychodynamic

Professional Interests:  Clinical training and supervision, diversity issues, sexual and gender identity concerns, sexual assault and abuse survivors, and group therapy.

Approach to Therapy: I try to develop a relationship with clients that is safe enough for them to explore their experiences more deeply than they are able to alone.  I mainly do this by paying attention to how clients respond to their emotions, how this influences their relationships, and how these patterns might be reenacted in our relationship.  As we explore these experiences together, clients can try new ways of responding to their emotions and being with me and others.  These new experiences are how clients change, grow, and heal.

Approach to Supervision: Due to the inherent power differential in supervision, I try to both acknowledge this differential and decrease it so that I develop a mutual, although asymmetrical relationship with supervisees.  I do this by supervising as a participant-observer who influences and is influenced by the matrix of supervisory relationships, including the therapy dyad, supervisory dyad, and participating institutions.  As we explore our experiences in this matrix, I balance support with challenge for supervisees to grow professionally and personally.

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