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Brief Individual Counseling


Individual Counseling Overview

Brief individual counseling focuses on short-term treatment goals in order to facilitate adjustment, improve functioning, and address acute symptoms blocking student success.  If the initial assessment counselor in the Walk-In Clinic determines that individual counseling is the best approach to addressing your concerns, you will be scheduled with an individual therapist.  Therapists are available to meet with students for a limited number of sessions, which are between 30 and 45 minutes in length.  Together, you and your therapist will review the recommendations made during the initial assessment, set goals, and determine the approximate number of sessions that may be needed. Clinicians will determine whether sessions are weekly or biweekly, based on your needs and concerns.

In some situations, students may benefit from a referral to a community provider for more frequent, intensive, longer-term, or specialized care.  These referrals may be made following an initial consultation session, upon completion of short-term services at the SCC, or any time during the course of treatment.  In these cases, a student may meet with the SCC Case Manager to consult about which resources would be most beneficial.  The Case Manager assists students in making initial contact with an outside provider or agency and can provide follow-up support. If you are seeking more frequent, intensive, longer-term, or specialized care than we offer at the SCC, please schedule an appointment with our Case Manager, bobbi.brittonstroud@ttu.edu.

Updates About Our Services

February 22, 2019: Although individual and couples counseling services may entail up to a 4-week wait to be assigned to counselor at this busy time of the semester, we make every effort to serve students in severe distress as quickly as possible. In addition, the SCC provides many additional services to help students that can be accessed immediately. Your triage counselor will be happy to talk with you about treatment options. In addition, you might consider utilizing the Family Therapy Clinic 806.742.3074 in order to be scheduled sooner. Finally, you may speak to our case manager, Bobbi Britton-Stroud, about utilizing your health insurance if you would like to see a Lubbock private practitioner.

Effective 10/1/17, a Missed Appointment Fee will be applied to clients' Student Business Services accounts following no-showed individual or couples counseling appointments.  In order to avoid this charge, clients must contact the Student Counseling Center prior to the scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule appointments which they cannot keep.  Appointment text reminders are a courtesy and may not be sent for every appointment.  SCC clients are responsible for knowing their appointment times regardless of whether they receive a text reminder.


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