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Heterosexual Privilege

I have heterosexual privilege if….

  1. I can, if I wish, legally marry my life partner.
  2. I can, if I wish, have public recognition and support for my intimate relationship.
  3. I have and can receive cards or phone calls celebrating my commitment to another person.
  4. I can, if I wish, kiss my partner and show affection on the street without being conscious of what others may think or do to us.
  5. I can, if I wish, easily talk about my relationship with anyone.
  6. I don’t have others or myself question my normalcy.
  7. I can, if I wish, show pain and get support when a relationship ends.
  8. I can, if I wish, have children without any questions.
  9. I can, if I wish, be open, without hesitation, about apartment or house hunting with my significant other.
  10. I can, if I wish, choose not to do something if it means others may think it makes me gay or lesbian.
  11. I am validated by my religion.
  12. I am socially accepted by my neighbors without question.
  13. I have accepted paid leave from my employment when my partner was sick or in need of my assistance.
  14. I am comfortable and accepted in my children’s school, with my children’s teachers and school activities.
  15. I can, if I wish, dress however I want without worrying about what it represents.
  16. I can, if I wish, have in-laws.
  17. Under probate law, I can, if I wish, inherit from my partner/lover/companion.
  18. I can share health, auto and homeowner’s insurance policies at reduced rates.
  19. I can, if I wish, be employed as a teacher in a pre-school through high school without fear of being fired any day because I am assumed to corrupt children.
  20. I can, if I wish, raise children without threats of state intervention, without children having to be worried which of their friends might reject them because of their parent’s sexuality and culture.
  21. I can and have dated the person I desired in my teenage years.
  22. I don’t have to lie about my social activities.
  23. I can, if I wish, work without being identified by my sexuality and culture (e.g., I get to be the farmer, the artist, the professor without being labeled the heterosexual farmer, the heterosexual artist, etc.).
  24. My sexual orientation is represented in the media and I don’t feel excluded.
  25. I can, if I wish, share holidays with my lover and families without question or rejection.
  26. I don’t have to explain or justify my sexual orientation.
  27. I don’t have to be nervous about talking to my family and friends about my sexual orientation.
  28. I don’t feel compelled to disprove myths of my own heterosexuality.
  29. I don’t have to fear that my sexuality may become a major point in a smear campaign that may affect the custody of my child, the job I want, the house I want to buy, the way I am treated by my neighbors and family.
  30. I automatically have custody of my own children if my partner dies.
  31. I can, if I wish, easily visit my partner/spouse in the case of hospitalization without lying or without question.
  32. I am accepted by society as a heterosexual person, not just tolerated.