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Texas Tech Terry FAQ's for the Transfer Scholarship

What is the Terry Foundation?

"The Terry Foundation was established in 1986 by Houstonians Howard and Nancy Terry out of a desire to help young people to help themselves. The Foundation's goal is to strengthen the State of Texas by identifying Texas high school graduates who have the promise of future leadership distinction and assisting them in developing their future and the future of those around them."
-From the Terry Foundation website

Wha are the criteria for the Terry Transfer Scholarship?

The Terry Foundation provides a scholarship at 65% of the cost of attendance for Texas resident students attending Texas Tech University and several other Universities in the state of Texas. Terry Scholars are selected from a highly competitive applicant pool of transfer students who demonstrate exceptional leadership, character, and scholastic ability. Family income and financial aid are also considered.

To be considered for the Terry Foundation Scholarship at Texas Tech University, you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Be a Texas resident
  • Enroll full time each semester (minimum 12 hours) at Texas Tech University
  • Have a 3.25 cumulative GPA with at least 30 post-high school hours from the college or university from which you are transferring.

In order to be considered for the Terry Foundation Scholarship you must:

  • Begin an ApplyTexas Application and select Texas Tech University as your target university.
  • Complete and submit your ApplyTexas application for admission.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by November 30. (Application available October 1.) The FAFSA application will determine your eligibility for federal grants and is required for all Terry Foundation candidates and finalists.
  • To determine if you might be eligible to apply for and/or receive the Terry Scholarship, please see the information below.
  • Admissions applications will be reviewed to find candidates for the Terry Scholarship. If you are determined to be an eligible candidate for the Terry Scholarship, you will be contacted and required to submit additional documentation for the Terry Scholarship review process.

If I receive notification from Texas Tech encouraging me to apply for the Terry Scholarship, what do I need to submit?

If you are selected by the Texas Tech University as a potential Terry candidate, the TTU Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office will contact you so you can submit additional information, including:

  • application questions
  • several essays (prompts are included on the application)
  • 2 letters of recommendation (uploaded to the application)

Terry Scholarship candidates who are recommended by the University must attend a personal interview with the Terry Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee. The Terry Foundation selects the scholarship recipients from among the candidates who are recommended for interview. Other Universities which are also affiliated with the Terry Scholarship program may have different application procedures. Please contact each individual school for specific instructions.

If I am a current TTU Terry Scholar, where can I find important information about my scholarship award?

Current Texas Tech University Terry Scholars should refer to the Foundation Scholar Handbook. The handbook is also distributed at the Terry Foundation Scholar Orientation each Fall semester. Current and accurate mailing addresses and a valid e-mail address are required by the Terry Foundation. To review or update your contact information, please go to the Scholars Only portal on the Foundation's website.

What is the Terry Foundation Scholarship?

Howard and Nancy Terry are long-time residents of Houston, where Mr. Terry has been successful in a variety of businesses, ranging from banking to oil and gas. In 1986, the Terry family decided to help young people to help themselves by setting up an educational foundation. Mr. Terry had always been grateful for the financial assistance that enabled him to go to college, so they decided to dedicate their time and resources to give future generations of young people in Texas this same opportunity.
The Terry Scholarship is intended to provide scholarships to outstanding students.

How do I apply for the Terry Scholarship and when is the deadline?

*All incoming students who have completed the Apply Texas application for admission will be reviewed to determine if certain criteria are met. Students who meet these basic criteria and appear to be an exceptional candidate for the Terry Scholarship will be directed to complete and submit additional documentation (several short essays, 2 letters of recommendation, and additional application information specific to the Terry Scholarship).

What do I need to submit in order to be considered for the Terry Scholarship by the deadline?

You must complete and submit the Apply Texas Transfer Application for both admission and scholarships. You must also be admitted by April 1st as a transfer student to Texas Tech University for the fall semester in a degree-granting program for the purpose of completing your first baccalaureate degree.

*All incoming students who have completed the Apply Texas application for admission will be reviewed to determine if certain criteria are met. Students who meet these basic criteria and appear to be an exceptional candidate for the Terry Scholarship will be directed to complete and submit additional documentation (several essays, 2 letters of recommendation, post-high school transcript, and additional application information specific to the Terry Scholarship).

How will I know if I am selected as a potential scholarship recipient?

Texas Tech University Terry Scholarship Committee will send you an e-mail if you are one of the potential students who will be forwarded to the Terry Foundation for an interview. The Terry Foundation will contact the students recommended for an interview to schedule an interview time in early June.

Are interviews required? If so, when are the interviews held?

Interviews are required; potential Terry scholarship recipients are contacted by the Terry Foundation to schedule the date, time and location for the interview. Interviews are typically held in late June. Interviewee expenses may be reimbursed by the Terry Foundation.

When will I know if I will receive the scholarship?

Interviews with the Terry Foundation are typically held in June. You will learn whether you were selected to receive the Terry Scholarship in a letter from the Terry Foundation. You will be notified in early July.

Am I eligible for this scholarship if I am not from Texas?

No, you must be a Texas resident to apply for this scholarship.

Am I eligible if I am admitted or will attend TTUHSC or another TTU system location?

No, you must be admitted to and attend at Texas Tech University, Lubbock campus.

Am I eligible for this scholarship if I qualify as a Resident of Texas under House Bill 1403/Senate Bill 1528?

No, you are not eligible to apply.

What are the requirements to maintain the Terry Scholarship after my first year?

You must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA, full-time enrollment and a 2.0 semester GPA. Recipients will have the Terry Transfer Scholarships renewed if they continue to meet the stated criteria until you receive your initial baccalaureate degree or up to 6 semesters. Terry Transfer Scholarship recipients who do not maintain a minimum 2.0 semester GPR will be immediately terminated. You are not eligible to receive your scholarship if you are on conduct probation with the University.

Recipients of the Terry Transfer Scholarship are required to write an annual self-evaluation letter and submit it to the Terry Foundation.

Additionally, Terry Transfer Scholarship recipients must attend all functions sponsored by the Terry Foundation (three per year).

You will receive information on these events and invitations from the Terry Foundation. You will receive a student handbook that will address in detail all the requirements.

What if I am offered other scholarships and/or financial aid and I also receive the Terry Scholarship?

You may receive outside scholarships along with the Terry Scholarship. However, TTU Scholarships & Financial Aid-awarded scholarships will be forfeited and replaced by the Terry Foundation Scholarship.

Where can I get more information?

More information about the Terry Scholarship At Texas Tech please contact, Texas Tech Terry Program Director, Heather Medley at heather.medley@ttu.edu

More information about the scholarships at Texas Tech University, please email the Scholarship Office at scholarships@ttu.edu

More information about the Terry Foundation and the Terry Scholarship selection process is available at the Foundation website at www.terryfoundation.org.

For any additional scholarship questions, you may email scholarships@ttu.edu

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