Disability Awareness Week 2014

Changing the Face of Disability Across Campus. Disability Awareness Week. October 27th-31st. #TTUDAW14

Monday, October 27

3:00 pm ◆ "Choosing Your Major/Career" ◆ 246 West Hall (Inside 242)

In Partnership with the University Career Center staff

Have you picked a major or career? With the M&M Fair on October 29th, be prepared to successfully pick a major that meets your career goals. Please RSVP to Student Disability Services

5:30-7:00 pm ◆ "Deaf BINGO" ◆ Wall/Gates Lobby

In partnership with the Residence Halls Association

Join us for a fun and unique piece of Deaf culture! As participants in this BINGO game, you will learn a few American Sign Language (ASL) signs while playing BINGO for prizes.

Tuesday, October 28

11:30 am-1:00 pm ◆ "Big Bang Theory" Faculty/Staff Training  ◆ Library, Room 150

Led by Kyla Shannon & Student Disability Services staff members

This workshop will help you gain an understanding of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) through a review of the popular TV show, The Big Bang Theory.  We know that working with students who have ASD can sometimes be challenging, but we hope to provide you with substantial insight and practical strategies. Sign up through the TLPDC website

Thursday, October 30

2:00-3:00 pm ◆ "Personal Finances Seminar" ◆ 246 West Hall (inside 242)

Michael Abbott, TECHniques Center

Want to learn how to become a millionaire? You are invited to come and learn about basic personal finances that will help you on your way to budgeting your life accordingly so that you can learn to save, spend, and be happy. Please RSVP to Student Disability Services.

Friday, October 31

Halloween Costume Contest ◆ 335 West Hall

First 5 students to visit Student Disability Services in full costume get prizes!


Red RibbonShow your support for Disability Awareness by wearing your red and black ribbon. You can pick up an awareness ribbon in the Student Disability Services office at 335 West Hall.  

Student Disability Services would like to thank the following departments for their involvement in Disability Awareness Week 2014: Texas Tech Residence Halls Association, University Career Center, and the TLPDC.