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Students with disabilities at Texas Tech University can find a variety of services within Student Disability Services designed to coordinate classroom accommodations, enhance academic success, and ensure access to all phases of university life.

Personnel in the SDS office oversee and coordinate services to ensure classroom accessibility to all students with documented disabilities on an individual basis. Classroom accommodations are determined based on documentation submitted by the student; these are monitored by counselors in the program. SDS also provides some assistive technology equipment and services. All services through the main office are free of charge.

The only program of its kind in Texas, the TECHniques Center provides supplemental academic enhancement services to meet the needs of, and promote the retention of, undergraduate students with documented learning disabilities or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders. Services include individualized tutoring, specialized software, computer labs, and academic counseling. The TECHniques Center program is optional and requires a fee each semester.

Application Instructions:

  1. Apply and be accepted to Texas Tech University. Students with disabilities must go through the standard admissions procedure.
  2. Complete this online application for Student Disability Services and submit the documentation for the disability. Students needing only classroom accommodations and assistive technology support should complete the first section of the online form. Eligible students wishing to participate in the TECHniques Center must also complete the supplemental application. If you prefer, you may also download the Microsoft Word document version of this application.
  3. Application deadlines:
        Classroom Accommodations:
        10 days prior to date of services needed
        Applications received within 10 days of the last class day of the semester will be processed for the following semester.
        TECHniques Center:
        Space is limited, causing our deadlines to vary each semester.
        Completed applications are processed in the order they are received. Please contact our office for current information.
  4. You have several options for submitting your documentation. You can fax the documentation to 806.742.7837, email it as an attachment, or mail it to:
        Student Disability Services
        Box 45007
        Lubbock, Texas 79409-5007
  5. Once approved, the student will meet with an Academic Counselor at Student Disability Services for an intake interview, during which approved classroom accommodations will be reviewed. TECHniques Center applicants will then meet with an Academic Counselor in the TECHniques Center for program orientation.


Application for Student Disability Services

Basic Information

Application Information

Semester Applying For:

Please Select Your Disability:

2. Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist, therapist or counselor?

If you are not currently seeing a mental health professional, would you like information on the TTU Counseling Center?

** If you anticipate needing assistive technology on your letters of accommodation, we highly recommend that the justification for such is included in your official documentation. **

College Information

Current Class Year:

Are you taking classes as an online student and/or at a satellite TTU campus?

Current College or College Applying For:

High School Information

Type of High School:

This application and documentation of my disability must be submitted prior to meeting with a Student Disability Services counselor for an intake interview. During this meeting we will discuss services for which I am eligible. The information submitted to Student Disability Services is confidential. I know that the information submitted to Student Disability Services WILL NOT be placed in my academic records. I understand that admission to Texas Tech University is a separate process and is completed through the Office of Admissions.

My submission of this form indicates that I have read and understand the above and I agree to the policy and procedure set forth by Student Disability Services and Texas Tech University. 


If you do NOT have ADD/ADHD or a learning disability, you are not eligible for services with the TECHniques Center. You are finished with this form and can press SUBMIT now.


If you DO have ADD/ADHD or a learning disability and you are interested in applying to the TECHniques Center (an optional, paid service), please fill out the supplemental form before submitting. Show Form ▼

Clicking submit now will send your SDS and TECHniques Center application simultaneously.