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RaiderReady Courses

RaiderReady Course Descriptions

Designed by SDS for You. Raider Ready sections for SDS students to meet their specific needs.

IS1100 is a Texas Tech course designed to help students develop college readiness skills for the academic classroom, and Student Disability Services has developed specialized sections designed to meet the specific needs of various disability populations. 

IS 1100

This course is designed for freshman and/or transfer students. These sections will address specific learning strategies including note taking, test taking, writing skills, listening skills, and working in groups. In addition to these critical skills for college success, each section is designed to meet the individual needs associated with the student's qualifying area of disability. 

IS 3100

Connecting to the university is crucial to your success on campus! This course is designed as a "next step" after IS 1100- a transition course for returning students or transfer students that may need more assistance with finding that connection to Texas Tech. The Student Disability Services IS 3100 course will consist of discussions with focused themes, such as service learning, choosing a major, and career goals. This curriculum will allow you to explore and become engaged in various areas of the academic community. 

Why take an SDS section?

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Connect with Student Disability Services office and staff
  • Instructors understand your needs as a student with a disability
  • Able to meet other students who share an understanding of your academic challenges
  • Support throughout the entire semester
  • Reminders and additional information about accommodation process and campus resources

 If you are interested in enrolling in one of these specialized IS1100 sections, please call the SDS Office to speak with a counselor at 806-742-2405. Students will be enrolled in these courses through the SDS Office.

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