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Guadalupe Parkway Sommerville Centers

A six-year old boy who is a member of the Parkway Neighborhood Center, had never had a jacket. He had lopsided shoes, no socks and a broken back pack. But, he didn't know what he didn't have. His mother was working at a new job and hadn't been paid yet. The staff at the neighborhood centers bought him some shirts and socks, a new backpack and a coat. When he was given these things, he put on his new, white socks and didn't want to stand in them because he didn't want to get them dirty.

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How has a SECC-participating agency made a difference in your life or the lives of those around you?

We would like to share the stories of Texas Tech employees and the impact that agencies within the State Employee Charitable Campaign  (SECC) have had to make a difference.

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