To: Dr. James Brink, Vice Provost

CC: Nathan Nash, President, TTU SGA

Dr. John Howe, President, TTU Faculty Senate

Dr. Jon Whitmore, President, Texas Tech University

Dr. William Marcy, Provost, Texas Tech University

From: Dr. Richard Verrone, President, TTU Staff Senate

Phone: 742-9010


Date: August 18, 2005

Re: Proposed Fall Break


The Texas Tech University Staff Senate endorses the SGA proposal for a new student Fall Break to be implemented at the earliest convenience of all concerned parties. The Staff Senate supports a Fall Break with the full knowledge that:

the TTU staff will not participate in the two scheduled days off for the Fall Break but will treat those two designated days as regular work days

the Fall Break most likely will cause some of the TTU Staff’s work in fall semesters to be pushed closer to the Christmas holiday break but not impose upon that scheduled holiday break.

The Staff Senate did not pass an official resolution to this effect but its Executive Committee discussed and subsequently unanimously supported the Fall Break. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.