April 3, 2006


TO:                   Members of the Faculty Senate


FROM:              John Howe, President


RE:                   Agenda for meeting #260, April 12, 2006

                        3:15p.m., Matador Room in the Student

                        Union Building,

2:30-3:15   Coffee and Informal Discussions, Faculty Lounge



I.                                           Call to Order (3:15, Matador Room) -John Howe, President.


II.                                         Recognition of Guests:         


III.                                        Approval of Minutes, Meeting #259, March 8, 2006


IV.                                      Invited Guests:          Jon Whitmore, University President


                                                            Donald H. Dyal, Dean of Libraries;

                                                            Sheila Curl, University Library Associate

                                                                        Dean for Outreach and Info Services                   


V.                                        Old Business:           Committee and Liaison Reports


                                                      Walt Schaller, Committee on Committees report


                                                      John Howe, Faculty Representation in Chancellor



                                                      Other ?


VI.                                      New Business:         Tenure Advisory Committee

                                                      Library Serial Cuts

                                                      Sharpe Resolution

                                                      Other ?


VII.                                     Announcements:      


Grad review President Whitmore has arranged for an External review of the Graduate School, and three reviewers from the Council of Graduate Schools will be visiting our campus on April 13 and 14.  Two opportunities will be available for graduate advisors and graduate faculty to offer input in these reviewers on Thursday, April 13 from 1:45-2:45, and on Friday, April 14 from 11:15-12:15. Some students might also be in attendance at Friday mtg.  The meetings are currently scheduled for the Provostís Conference Room (Admin 104).  Since a change in venue might be required if enough people attend, you should notify Jessica Carrillo in advance of your chosen meeting (Jessica.carrillo@ttu.edu).


VIII.                                    Adjournment.


4:30-Reception following this Senate Meeting in the Faculty Lounge

      More information, check out our web site http://www.depts.ttu.edu/senate/