January 4, 2006


TO:                  Members of the Faculty Senate


FROM:                        John Howe, President


RE:                  Agenda for meeting #257, January 11, 2006

                        3:15p.m., Matador Room in the Student

                        Union Building,

2:30-3:15   Coffee from Barnes and Noble, Faculty Lounge




I.                                           Call to Order -John Howe, President.


II.                                         Recognition of Guests:     


III.                                        Approval of Minutes, Meeting #256, December 7, 2005.


IV.                                      Invited Guests:       Gil Reeve, Director of Strategic Planning


V.                                        Old Business:        Committee and Liaison Reports:

                                                                  Alan Reifman, Nomination Committee

                                                                  Walt Schaller, Committee on Committees

                                                                  John Howe, Liaison to Budget Advisory


                                                                  Sean Grass, Study Committee A-Faculty

                                                                              Consulting Work

                                                                  Other ?


VI.                                      New Business:                   Other ?


VII.                          Announcements:


VIII.                    Adjournment.


Reception following this Senate Meeting in the Faculty Lounge


      More information, check out our web site http://www.depts.ttu.edu/senate/