Texas Tech University

Faculty Senate Meeting

Meeting #255

November 9, 2005


The Faculty Senate met on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 in the Matador Room in the Student Union Building, with President John Howe presiding.  Senators present were: Brooks, Doerfert, Johnson, Kvashny, Perry, Davis, Gallegos, Louden, Boros, Carlson, Carr, Daniels, Grair, Grass, Hart, Howe, Myles, Niwayama, Rahnama, Santos, Schaller, Smucker, Toda, Bremer, Hein, Mercer, Ritchey, Agnello, Maushak, Olivarez, Lakhani, Masten, Sinzinger, Amor, Blum, Reifman, Shriver, Laughlin, Kreidler, Spurrier, Whitfield, Chambers, Oskam, Reeves, Durham, Garner, Gelber, Meek, Wilson, Alvarado, Donahue, Mayer, Morse, Sheets Hernandez and Smith.  Senators excused were:  Drager, Dunham, Kimball, Dillon, Vaughn and Marbley.  Senators unexcused were:  Grappendorf, Miller, Klinker, Collins, Jackson, Letchford, Mann, Thompson, Ellis and Tombs.


I.         Call to Order.  President John Howe called Meeting #255 to order at 3:22 pm, November 9, 2005.


II.       Recognition of Guests.  President Howe recognized guests including:  Athletic Council Chairman Dr. Bob Baker, Vice Provost James Brink, Vice President of Operations Max Hinojosa, Director of Traffic and Parking Services Eric Crouch, Manager of Parking Services Lee Sonnenberg, Staff Senate Liaison to Faculty Senate Rebecca Owen, Past Faculty Senate President Gene Wilde, Parliamentarian Clarke Cochran, Reporter from the Daily Toreador Michelle Cassidy, Vice Provost Liz Hall, Provost William Marcy, Sindee Simon, Eduardo Segarra, Robert Bradley, and Herschel Mann.


III.     Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of Meeting #254 brought forward for approval by President Howe.  Minutes approved.  [3:35]


IV.     Invited Guests:  [3:40-1:24:00].

a.        Dr. Bob Baker, Athletic Council Chairman  [6:12-38:54]

Dr. Baker spoke about his role as the faculty representative to the NCAA, the members and work of the athletic council and associated groups on campus to assure TTU athletics meets NCAA rules.  Dr. Baker discussed new rules that are affecting the athletic program and the academic success of the student athletes.  Dr. Baker indicated that equestrian may be included as a sponsored sport within the next 2 years.  Although there were 22 self reported NCAA violations last year, TTU athletics had 331 students receive the Commissionerís Award for having a GPA greater than 3.0. 


b.        Max Hinojosa, Vice President of Operations and Eric Crouch, Director of Traffic and Parking [39:30-1:24:00]

Max Hinojosa presented the 5 year parking plan influencing parking facilities on campus for students, staff, and faculty and the proposed plans and parking fees to pay for the new parking facilities on campus. 


V.       Old Business [1:24:02-1:40:57]

a.        Consulting [1:24:09-1:30:26]

Senator Grass indicated that Study Committee A has meet and identified issues to be addressed regarding consulting.  The issues currently identified pertain to OP 32.06 paragraph 5, 32.07 1a, 32.07 1e, and 32.10 1a. The committee would like to receive any additional concerns from the faculty and please send the comments to sean.grass@ttu.edu.


b.        Information Technology [1:30:35-1:32:24]

Senator Gelber and Senate Committee B thanked Sam Segran and his group for answering many of the questions committee had at the last faculty senate meeting.  Additional issues to be addressed by the committee include (1) posting Sam Segran presentation on the Faculty Senate website (2) notifying the IT department of spam, (3) updates on the turnitin.com website, (4) increase email storage capacity and adding email accounts.  A helpful website for the faculty is www.depts.ttu.edu/infotech/itbulletin/.  For additional comments email james.h.smith@ttu.edu.


c.        Faculty Lounge [1:32:35-1:34:14]

Senator Blum indicated the first reception in the faculty lounge will be November 10 from 4 to 6 pm for university administrators, deans and chairpersons.  The November 22 reception will be for all faculty.  Please send comments on the art work displayed in the faculty lounge to Senator Blum.


d.        OP 68.01 Communication with the Press [1:34:26-1:35:13]

Senator Perry announced that Study Committee D met to discuss the issue and will provide a committee report at the next meeting.  For questions or concerns, contact Committee Chair Andrew Jackson.


e.        Child Development and Research Center [1:35:16-1:40:57]

Senator Toda reported the work of Study Committee C for Senator Drager.  Although the child care center will be expanding, the future enrollment will not be sufficient to accept everyone on the waiting list.  Senator Toda will resend the committees report to Patty so that the findings of the committee may be discussed at the next Faculty Senate meeting.  Senator Shriver reminded the faculty that the purpose of the Child Development and Research Center is to train students as part of their education; the Center is not intended to serve as a day care. 


VI.     New Business [1:41:00-1:19:42]

a.        Temporary Parking Passes to Pregnant Women [1:41:00-1:41:27(end of tape)]

President Howe discussed a proposal circulating in the Staff and Student Senates regarding temporary parking passes for pregnant women.  Eric Crouch, director of Traffic and Parking Services, indicated this is already being done.  To obtain a temporary permit, please visit the Traffic and Parking Office.


b.        15 Passenger Van Drug Testing [End of tape]

Senator Morse expressed concern over the new yearly drug testing policy for faculty driving 15 passenger vans.  President Howe will have the Agenda Committee identify a study committee.


c.        Faculty Identification Cards [End of tape]

Senator Walt Schaller discussed the need to simplify the faculty identification card to one card that may be used at the library, faculty lounge, and recreational center. President Howe will have the Agenda Committee identify a study committee.


VII.   Announcements [End of tape]

a.        The next Faculty Senate meeting has been rescheduled for December 7, 2005.

b.        The next guest will be a speaker from the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center.

c.        Get well card for Senator Drager.

d.        Reception after the meeting.


VIII. Adjournment.  Meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.