Texas Tech University

Faculty Senate Meeting

Meeting #256

December 7, 2005


The Faculty Senate met on Wednesday, December 7, 2005 in the Matador Room in the Student Union Building, with President John Howe presiding.  Senators present were:  Brooks, Doerfert, Johnson, Kvashny, Davis, Gallegos, Boros, Carlson, Carr, Daniels, Grair, Grappendorf, Hart, Kimball, Miller, Niwayama, Rahnama, Schaller, Smucker, Toda, Hein, Mercer, Ritchey, Agnello, Klinker, Maushak, Olivarez, Collins, Jackson, Lakhani, Letchford, Masten, Sinzinger, Thompson, Amor, Blum, Reifman, Shriver, Dillon, Laughlin, Spurrier, Whitfield, Chambers, Oskam, Reeves, Durham, Garner, Gelber, Meek, Wilson, Alvarado, Donahue, Marbley and Morse.  Senators excused:  Perry, Louden, Drager, Dunham, Grass, Myles, Santos, Bremer, Mann, Vaughlin, Kreidler, Ellis, Sheet Hernandez and Smith.


I.         Call to Order.  President John Howe called Meeting #256 to order at 3:20 pm, December 7, 2005.


II.       Recognition of Guests.  President Howe recognized guests including:  Vice Provost James Brink, Parliamentarian Clarke Cochran, Vice Provost Liz Hall, Provost William Marcy, Past Faculty Senate President Gene Wilde, Dr. Edward Anderson, Vice Provost Rosslyn Smith, Debra Laverie, Mr. Chen.


III.     Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of Meeting #255 brought forward for approval by President Howe.  Minutes approved.  [1:45]


IV.     Invited Guests:  [1:55-36:32].

Dr. Edward Anderson from the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center [3:18-36:32]

Dr. Anderson discussed the mission of the TLTC and presented the work the TLTC has done in the 10 years since President Haragan provided funding for the TLTC.  The TLTC is one of 12 national leaders in the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  The TLTC plans to continue aiding faculty and teaching staff with assessment, faculty development, service learning, and technology support.


V.       Old Business [36:51-1:04:10]

a.        Committee on Committees [36:58-45:27]

Senator Schaller presented the recommendations of the Committee on Committees for two appointments.  The rules of the Nominating Committee were distributed. The Parking Office has requested a senator to serve on a Committee.  The Committee on Committees recommended Senator Gad Perry, who has accepted the nomination. Question brought forward by President Howe.  Nomination approved.  The Committee on Committees identified three senators to serve on the Nominating Committee and the senators are Alan Reifman, Lisa Garner and Charlotte Dunham.  Question brought forward by President Howe.  Nomination approved.


President Howe spoke regarding the need for both self-nominations and arm twisting of candidates for the position of President, Vice President and Secretary.  If you have a nomination, please contact the members of the Nominating Committee.  Senator Reifman requested a review of the responsibilities and time commitments.  President Howe discussed the tasks of each office and encouraged Senators to speak to current and past officers requiring the work load and time commitments.


b.        Child Development and Research Center [45:28-53:05]

Senator Toda reported that money to expand the Child Development and Research Center has come from private donors and the University. The following are the criteria used to determine admittance of a child into the CDRC: child of staff member, child of a family already enrolled, and whether the child will be enrolled full time.  Study Committee C recommended that a committee should review the Child Care Exploratory Support Report (Date 2000) so that financial support from the university may be evaluated. 


President Howe indicated that the Agenda Committee would develop an ad-hoc committee so that members from the staff and student senates may be included as graduate students could be affected by the work of the committee.  President Howe brought forward the question.  Report of Faculty Senate Committee C approved.  The report is in the appendix of the minutes.


c.        OP 68.01 Communication with the Press [53:06-58:06]

Senator Jackson presented two main concerns with OP 68.01:  mandatory use of graphical representations and contact with the Office of Communications and Marketing before contact with the press.  Study Committee D revised the wording of OP 68.01 to protect the faculty for instances where the faculty cannot contact the Office of Communications and Marketing before talking to the press.  President Howe indicated President Whitmore favors the wording.  President Howe brought forward the changes to the OP for approval.  The changes were approved.  The revised OP is included in the appendix of the minutes.


d.        Faculty Lounge [58:10-1:03:00]

Senator Blum commented on the success of the receptions in the faculty lounge.  He encouraged everyone to use the faculty lounge or the space would no longer be for faculty use.  Vice Provost Hall asked how the use of the lounge would be measured.  Senator Blum indicated a sign-in notebook will be placed in the lounge to record frequency of use.

e.        Consulting [1:03:07-1:03:55]

Senator Reifman indicated Study Committee A met with Vice Provost Hall and should have a report to the Senate in an upcoming meeting.


f.         Liaison Reports [1:04:04-1:04:10]

No liaison reports presented.


VI.     New Business [1:04:11-1:06:33]

a.        Electronic Elections [1:04:11-1:06:38]

Vice President Meek informed the Senate that 40 percent of the Faculty Senate budget is spent on elections and he believes a need exists to evaluate the possibility of electronic elections. The benefits of such a move would be to increase ballot response and save money.  President Howe indicated the Staff Senate considered the idea, but due to the diversity of constituencies have decided to not make the change at this time; however, members of the Staff Senate would be willing to help the Faculty Senate with this task.  President Howe will have the Agenda Committee identify a study committee.


VII.   Announcements [1:06:50-1:10:50]

a.        The next Agenda Committee Meeting has been changed from January 2 at 3:30 pm to January 4 at 9 am.

b.        Thank you to Senator Daniels for his service and good luck at his next place of employment.

c.        Reception in the faculty lounge after the meeting.

d.        Last meeting of the semester so have a Happy Holidays.

e.        Vice Provost Brink encouraged faculty to attend Commencement on December 17, 2005.

VIII. Adjournment.  Meeting was adjourned at 4:32 pm.