Texas Tech University

Faculty Senate Meeting

Meeting #259

March 8, 2006


The Faculty Senate met on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 in the Matador Room in the Student Union Building, with President John Howe presiding.  Senators present were:  Johnson, Perry, Davis, Gallegos, Boros, Carr, Drager, Dunham, Grair, Grappendorf, Grass, Hart, Howe, Myles, Niwayama, Rahnama, Schaller, Smucker, Toda, Bremer, Ritchey, Agnello, Klinker, Olivarez, Collins, Lakhani, Thompson, Blum, Reifman, Kreidler, Spurrier, Whitfield, Chambers, Oskam, Durham, Garner, Gelber, Meek, Alvarado, Ellis, Marbley, Mayer, Morse, Hernandez-Sheets and Smith.  Senators excused were: Brooks, Doerfert, Kvashny, Louden, Carlson, Kimball, Hein, Mercer, Maushak, Jackson, Letchford, Mann, Masten, Amor, Shriver, Dillon, Laughlin, Vaughn, Reeves, Wilson and Donahue.  Senators unexcused were: Miller and Sinzinger.


I.         Call to Order.  President John Howe called Meeting #259 to order at 3:23 pm, March 8, 2006.


II.       Recognition of Guests.  President Howe recognized the following guests:  Vice Provost James Brink, Provost William Marcy, Past Faculty Senate President Gene Wilde, Faculty Assistant to the President Mary Jane Hurst, Parliamentarian Clarke Cochran, Liaison from the Staff Senate Rebecca Owen, Associate Vice Chancellor Lynn Denton, Kathy Austin, Interim Dean CVPA Jonathan Marks, Kathy Kinney.


III.     Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of Meeting #258 brought forward for approval by President Howe.  Minutes approved. 


IV.     Invited Guests:  [1:47-46:00]

Interim Dean CVPA, Director of the Ethics Initiative, Dr. Jonathan Marks [2:36-19:16]

Dean Marks explained that the Ethics Initiative grew out of the SACS Accreditation; however, the focus is to encourage ethical discussions between students, faculty and staff using the slogan “Do the right thing.  A conversation on ethics.”  Dr. Marks discussed the work of four task forces regarding: ethics in the curriculum, ethical institution, academic integrity, and ethics of diversity.  Currently, a search is underway to appoint a new director for the Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism, which is the head office for the National Institute of Engineering Ethics.  Dr. Marks encouraged the faculty to participate in Ethics Day-2006, Thursday, April 6 from 2 to 5 pm at the Municipal Auditorium, which will highlight ethics in law, engineering and business.


Associate Vice Chancellor Lynn Denton, Communications and Marketing [20:00-46:00]

Dr. Denton indicated the intent of the media policy was to aid Communications and Marketing in preparation of their reports to the Board of Regents.  She encouraged the faculty to let their office if in the news for any reason.  Additionally, she liked the recommendations to the Media Policy developed by the Faculty Senate and will use them.  For the new identify guidelines, please visit www.identityguidelines.texastech.edu.  Additionally, contact PrintTech for a CD containing the new logos.  Dr. Kathy Austin discussed the changes in the website and the application of the Content Management System (CMO), which will not dictate the software for webpage development, rather the CMO will ensure the Texas Tech University logo is consistent but will not affect content.  Department and individual webpages will not be affected by the CMO.


V.       Old Business [46:10-1:08:40, 1:14-57-1:17:15 and 1:22:42-1:23:23]

a.        Nomination Committee [46:10-55:43, 1:14:57-1:17:15 and 1:22:42-1:23:23]

President Howe and Senator Garner discussed the processes of the election details.  Ballots were distributed to the members and a runoff election was conducted for the office of Secretary.  Biographical sketches of each of the candidates were provided with the meeting agenda.  The results of the elections are as follows:  President, Jim Smith; Vice President, Shane Blum; and Secretary Christine Alvarado.


President Howe thanked the work of the Nomination Committee and Patty in developing a slate of candidates for each office. 


b.        Faculty Status and Welfare [1:07:23-1:07:35]

Senator Smucker announced the committee has met and begun working on a review of faculty benefits.


c.        Liaison Report [56:12-1:07:18]

                                 i.      Senator Perry, Liaison to the University Parking Services Advisory Committee

Senator Perry mentioned the University Parking Services Advisory Committee did meet and future meetings will be held once each long semester and once during the summer.  The Committee has several upcoming initiatives that include expectant mother parking, motorist assistance program, entry station upgrades, and motorcycle parking program to just name a few.  The meeting agenda, University Parking Services organizational chart, committee briefing, and details on the stork parking for expectant mothers and the motorist assistance program are included in the appendix of the minutes.   


                                ii.      Rebecca Owens, Liaison to the Staff Senate. [1:07:40-1:08:39]

Liaison Owens indicated the Staff Senate has decided to not support the Fall Break as presented by the Student Senate and they did not provide alternatives to their proposal.  They will be happy to work with the students on a plan that is acceptable to everyone.


VI.     New Business [1:08:41-1:11:08]

a.        Early Tenure and Promotion. [1:08:59-1:11:08]

President Howe asked Provost Marcy to address the recent tenure and promotion judgments, especially those cases where promotion was awarded but not tenure.  Provost Marcy indicated the candidates were judged on a case by case basis and promotion and tenure may be awarded independently as they have separate criteria and separate ballots.


VII.   Announcements [1:11:15-1:14:55 and 1:17:17-1:22:28]

a.        President Howe announced

                                 i.      The Presidents Excellence in Academic Advising Award packets must be submitted to the Provost’s office by 5 pm on March 31st.

                                ii.      Town Hall “Meet the Presidents” Address is March 23 at 5:15 in HS 169 with a reception to follow in the Canyon Room.

b.        Announcements regarding the Board of Regents’ Meeting.  

                                 i.      No final plans have been made regarding the search committee for the next Chancellor.

                                ii.      Regent’s approved the tuition increase at the Health Sciences Center and a reduced increase in tuition on the main campus.

                              iii.      President Whitmore has suggested a 2% raise in the budget.

c.        Reception in the Faculty Lounge following the meeting.


VIII. Adjournment.  Meeting was adjourned at 4:46 pm.