Texas Tech University Faculty Senate

Agenda Committee Information

Committee Charge

The President, Vice President and Secretary shall themselves constitute an Agenda Committee, which shall be responsible for preparing an agenda for each meeting and for distributing it to each senator on or before the Friday preceding the meeting, and which shall name Senate liaisons to university committees as they deem appropriate, subject to Senate vote (Bylaws 6). When scheduled meeting dates are not feasible, the Agenda Committee shall present alternate dates to the Senate for approval (Bylaws 7).

Operating Procedures

The Agenda Committee meets in the Senate Office at 3:15 on the first Monday of each month of the regular academic year. It produces a formal agenda for the next Senate meeting, which is to be distributed no later than the Friday prior to the meeting in question. In addition to finalizing the agenda for the upcoming Senate meeting, it also discusses matters whose planning requires a longer time frame such as visits to the Senate by guest speakers, the order of presentation of committee reports (so that business is evenly distributed among meetings, with adequate time for debate), and other matters that require longer range planning.


The President shall serve as chairperson of the Agenda Committee, The Vice President and Secretary shall serve on the Agenda Committee. The new officers-elect shall attend the April and May meetings of the Agenda Committee in a non-voting capacity (Bylaws 1, 2, 3, 4). On occasion, a senator with a cause may be invited to attend part of an Agenda Committee meeting in order to aid in the discussion of possible actions, but such a guest only has privilege of the floor within this committee for the item in question; guests do not have voting privileges.

To Get an Item Onto the Senate Agenda

If you perceive that a matter requires Senate attention, contact any of the Senate officers prior to the Agenda Committee meeting. If warranted, the officers may ask for a written request or other additional information.