Texas Tech University Faculty Senate

Budget Study Committee Information


To study and report to the Senate on matters related to the budget of the university.  This committee is NOT charged with making recommendations relating directly to budget allocations during the time the budget is being formulated.  It is instructed to initiate investigations and report to the Senate on any inconsistencies, misallocations, re-allocations, oversights, and other budgetary items which it believes will be of interest or concern to the faculty of the university, in order that the Senate my make timely recommendations to the administration regarding the budgeting process.

Operating Procedures

The committee shall develop its own operating procedures, subject to the approval of the Faculty Senate.  Faculty members will serve on year terms corresponding with the terms of Faculty Senators and may be reappointed.


The committee shall be composed of seven (7) faculty members, at least four (4) of whom, including the chair, must be members of the Faculty Senate.