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Procedures for Convening & Conducting Senate Committees

Convening a Committee

  1. The executive committee will select a convener who has the responsibility of calling the first committee meeting. He/she will find a list of the committee members in their Faculty Senate red folders. On your first meeting, you should select a committee chair and a committee secretary who will take minutes of your meetings.
  2. There is meeting space available in the Faculty Senate Office if you wish to meet there. Contact Patty Gisch in the Faculty Senate Office to arrange a time.

Committee Charge and Reports

  1. Your committee will be given a charge that has been assigned to you by the Executive Committee of the Senate. These may be a variety of issues brought to the Senate from various sources including other Senators, the Provost and/or the Executive Committee. Any matter brought before the Senate must be referred to a committee for deliberation before it can be brought to debate before the Senate.
  2. It is crucial that you address the issue given to you in a timely manner. Often Senate recommendations are passed on to other bodies in the University who have deadlines that have to be met. An untimely recommendation means that the Senate won’t have adequate input into the decisions being made.
  3. There are two types of reports that can be given to the Senate from a committee. The first is an informational report that does not request action from the Senate. The second is a committee recommendation that states specific proposals suggested to the Senate for approval. Please keep in mind that anything that is passed on to the President of the University must be voted on in the form of recommendations from the committee. An informational report is only appropriate when the issue does not call for such action. Sometimes, in difficult and complex issues the Senate will return a report to committee with recommendations on how to proceed. The Senate executive committee also reserves the right to return committee reports that are unclear or incomplete. Committee reports do not need a second from the floor to be accepted, and voted upon.
  4. If you have questions on your charge or how to proceed contact the Faculty Senate President.

Rules to be Kept in Mind

Your report must be circulated to the Senate beforehand before it can be acted upon. The deadline for including your report in the Agenda mailing is approximately a week before the Faculty Senate meeting. (Refer to your red folder for the Agenda dates.)


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