Study Committee B Report after 10/26/05 meeting


What major topics were discussed?


1) Those attending were James Carr, Bill Gelber, Gopal Lakhani, Jose Santos, Eric Sinzinger, Lynn Whitfield, and James H. Smith.


2)  James H. Smith was selected to serve as chairperson of Committee B.


3)  The Committee expressed appreciation for Mr. Sam Segran and his group coming to our meeting and answering questions raised about computing safety, etc. at TTU.


4)  The Committee discussed the following topics:

    A.  If available, a copy of his presentation be placed on Faculty Senate Website

    B.  Faculty would like help in promoting safe computing.

    C.  Communication between IT and faculty is essential and appreciated.

    D.  A way to quickly notify IT of SPAM problems.

    E.  Would like further information about the progress of Turn it

    F.  What options are available for increasing e-mail capacity and adding additional accounts.


One of the links Committee B would like to see placed on the Faculty Senate Website is this one  A lot of questions can be answered about computing safety, etc. if faculty members will go to this site.

Feb 9, 2018