Committee and Liaison Report



MEETING: November 2, 2005, 3:15 pm, TTU Senate Room 301

Committee Members

Members present at the meeting: Senators Ellis, Kvashny, Marbley, Niwayama, Toda. (Senator Drager had heart surgery on Oct 27 and is currently on sick leave).




Minutes of the Meeting on CDRC /Child Care at Texas Tech University


Director Nathan (assisted by Ms Johnson) presented a comprehensive report on current development of CDRC. It is expected that in Fall 2006 the center will move to its new 15th & Akron campus location (where Varsity bookstore used to be). The guests reported that funds of almost 5 million dollars were raised in order to accommodate the expansion of the center and constructions of the new building and facilities.

The main financial support was provided by institutions/foundations (such as CH) , as well as private donors, friends and alumni. The center is currently in need of about $350,000 in order to finish the new facilities, respectively a new kindergarten space. Currently, the center is able to accommodate approximately 44 children and it is expected that it will be able to accommodate 88 full-time children between ages 0-4 and 20 new children in kindergarten (a total of 108) starting Fall 2006.


   The Study Committee C recognized a continuous need to support/supplement the expansion of the actual center in order to accommodate (at least in part) the needs of faculty, staff and students. Director Nathan gave a survey on the Child Care Exploratory Committee Report from October 30, 2000.

   The current CDRC waiting list contains approximately 600 children of TTU faculty, staff and graduate students. While many faculty expressed a desire to help start a fund raising campaign at Texas Tech University, this issue remains to be studied.


Consequently, the Study Committee C makes the following recommendations (to the attention of the upcoming Senate Meeting #256 - December 7, 2005):

  1. There is a need to revisit the Child Care Exploratory Committee Report from 2000 and to reinstate a Child Care Exploratory Committee for 2005.
  2. The committee mentioned at 1). is expected to make recommendations in terms of

a). general childcare issues at Texas Tech University.

b). fundraising (prospected needs, methods employed, planning).

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